First build questions. HELP

Finally settled on my first build. So my question is I plan to get i5 2500k and msi p67a-43 mobo with a ati 6850.
If i put a 4gb memory on it but like 4x1 gb NOT 2x2 gb will it work. i plan on getting 8 gb in future but will single 4gb one work???

Is 550 watt power supply enough to power these (keep in mind im gonna overclock the cpu). If yes, which psu should i get arnd $50? Are coolmax good?

link for the one i chose (psu) -
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  1. keep mind its for gaming, vid editing, 3d designing.
  2. Yes 550W is plenty. You can do 4x1GB. Performance wise it won't be ideal but you'll be upgrading to 8GB soon enough. For power supply I'd recommend:
  3. I can't find any 4x1gb that are not ridiculously overpriced and you'd save money by going with 2x2 now. The antec psu crewton suggested is better. Maybe you should link to all the parts you're getting. Or fill this out since a 2500k+6850 is not balanced unless you were going to cf 6850s and you want to have a balanced system.
  4. see this one 4x1gb

    and yeah i plan on getting a new gaming card every year but not the cpu and mobo. im gonna stick with it for some years. gaming cards would probably changed every year.
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    That is a 1x4gb. You will be running at single channel until you buy another stick but it will work.
  6. yeah that was confusing. lol :P. i plan on single channel right now then get another one and get dual 8gb. my budget is arnd $700 only the tower. btw thanks.
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  8. For gaming at $700 a i5-2500k+6850 is not a smart option (too much cpu and not enough gpu) unless you want to cf which then you would need a better psu and mobo.

    I'll see if I can get a good $700 build together. Do you live by a microcenter? They always have really good deals.
  9. i want some more juice from cpu cause i want to make pc which could last 3 years and you could always change the gpu. but not the cpu. with cpu u need new mobo. i will get a new gpu every year. thank u for ur help though. i live in sfbay area. microcenter is in san jose.
  10. Maybe you should check out the microcenter website for deals, there in store deals beat newegg all the time. I'm not saying to change the cpu, but to find some other components that you could possibly get cheaper. The best I could find was a 5850 for $140 which performs near a 6870.
  11. i dont want to change the cpu and mobo cause this is the only mobo arnd $100 which is atx and i dont want a mATX. and for gpu i havent decided yet im still doing some research but i have decided for the cpu and mobo.
  12. I'm not telling you to change cpu and mobo, I'm saying microcenter could have better deals. On microcenter the i5-2500k goes for $180, newegg price- $225
  13. so which one do suggest for the gpu? im confused. for arnd $200.
  14. The 5850 I posted is by far the best deal.
  15. alright. thanks
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