Intel HD Graphic 1696MB vs Nvidia GeForce 420m 1gb

I'm pricing out laptops and looking at the Dell XPS15 with the Nvidia Graphics card versus the HP Pavilion dv6-3133 Notebook pc. I'll be using mostly for business and marketing.
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  1. The Geforce 420M is better than Intel graphics. Don't let the memory amounts fool you. For normal office tasks, either will be sufficient. If your business/marketing purposes include anything graphic intensive, the Geforce 420M would be a better choice. My guess would be that you don't need the advanced graphics of the Nvidia card.
  2. The 420M is much better than Intel GMA. However, the 420M is still considered to be low performance video card compared to others.
  3. The Geforce is way better than the intel graphics card. If you want this computer to last some time the Geforce will be better. Either way the will both suite your needs fine. Me, Personaly I would go with the Geforce.
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