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Help (can i use gtx570?)

Do u think my pc with core 2 quad 2.5 GHZ(Overclock to 3 GHZ), 8gb of DDR2 and extreme power 600w can make good use of the gtx570 or even support it? Im little worried since i think it needs a higher power supply but im not sure. Also my MB is ASUS P5Q.

I used to have a 5870 and it barely fit and got some high temps, not sure if overclock was the problem or the case....should i get a new case or may be a new MB?
If u guys think its fine just the way it is let me know

Thanks so much for ur help
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  1. Your PSU should be fine so long as the brand is a quality one and it has two 6 pin power connectors. What brand do you have?

    As for the temps, overclocking will produce more heat in general, but if you have proper ventilation, you should be fine. If you had a long card, it could be blocking air flow, so the 570 might be a better choice.

    We'd need to see temps to tell you if you need a better case or more fans or anything else.
  2. Ohhh thanks, ill check it, but i think my PSU is a Cooler Master 600watts, it has PCI-E 6 Pin x 2 .
    My worry was cause in a retail store i asked if i could use a radeon 5870 and i was told my PSU couldnt support it.
    But im not sure if he was right or not, and i think the 5870 and 570gtx ask for the same power supply.
    Anyway, ill check if i can find more details about my PSU, but a cooler master brand.

    I ask about temps cause before, i got a 5870 overclocked but it died -burn- it normally got 70-77 degrees. So i was told lot of stuff about diff persons. "u need more fans" "u need a new MB" "u need a new case"
    And after my 5870 died i wanted to buy another one and the person told me my PSU couldnt hold it and i was confused since i used the 5870 for like 5 months. Idk, may be the person that oveerclocked it did a bad job.

    THANKS for ur time and answer!
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    Yeah that person probably didn't know what they were talking about. Cooler Master has some good PSUs and some bad. If you have a Silent Pro series, then you are good to go.

    If your 5870 was running at 70-77 then that is too high. It won't destroy the card, but it is too high to use for extended periods without eventual wear and tear. Most likely the card was so long, air couldn't flow from the bottom of the case to the top, making the circulation very bad.

    With the 570 you'll be okay because it is almost half the size. Just make sure you do have enough airflow in general in your case. A fan in front and back should be enough, so long as they are cleaned of dust and nothing is really blocking them.

    Sometimes the retailers don't know what they are talking about. I was told once a long time ago that my 32bit processor wouldn't be able to run Windows Vista when it was coming out... yeah... very dumb answer and just shows some of those guys just don't know anything.
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