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how do i know how many mbs i need in a router new egg has them from 54-450.

does the amount of computers using the router affect it??

and do they also have Ethernet ports on them as well??

i need one that can do 2 laptops for standard internet usage and one desktop for internet and online games but it will need to stay wired.
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  1. typically a home router/firewall/switch by netgear, linksys etc will have wired ports that support 100Mb (million bits) per second for wired, and frequently 1Gb (billion bits) per second.

    Wireless g is 54Mb/s, and wireless n is higher (up to 600Mb/s).

    What you need depends on... what you are using it for. For internet and online games, your internet connection is much more of a limit than your router. You could have just a few Mb (cable could be say 10Mb down and 2Mb up), FIOS might be up to 50Mb down and 20-30Mb up, for high speed / higher cost versions. All of these are under the speed of wireless g, much less wired.

    If you are transferring large amounts of data between home PCs, then gigabit is the best. If not, it doesn't matter as much.
  2. Just to clear up a few things in the last post - \

    there are two switches that are built into routers nowadays. 100 mbps (fast ethernet with 12.5 MB/s max throughput) and 1000 mbps (gigabit ethernet with a maximum throughput of 125 MB/s).

    The choice of router is this --> Will you be transferring files between computers?

    If yes:

    Buy a wireless - N router with an on-board gigabit ethernet switch

    If No:

    Buy a wireless - N router with an on-board fast ethernet switch.

    The choice is as simple as that.
  3. ok and when i get one do i just unplug my comcast (wired) one and plug in the wireless one and thats it?

    because it doesn't look like comcast has wireless and wired plans so im amusing its the same except the router changes.

    i have there 12mbps plan btw (which i just looked up for the first time lol)
  4. You will not unhook your comcast modem. What you want to do is connect the comcast modem TO to new router. Just make sure you plug your comcast modem into the internet port of the router (the port by itself).

    here is a textual diagram:

    ISP (comcast) ---> modem (supplied by comcast) ----> Router (the one you purchase) ----> computers and wireless
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