Extreme Urgent Help --> 0xc000000e error :: Hard disk not accessible !


I have two HDD in my PC and both of them have 4-5 Partition..
i installed WINDOW 7 32bit in one HDD and WINDOW 7 64bit in another one.

Last Night i was watching a movie which was in the HDD partition which has window 7 32bit installed.
and movie was jerking like there was sm sort of error in HDD which making the video run slow..
becoz when i played videos which were in HDD which has window 7 64bit installed... running fine... i played videos and they were not jerking.

so... i figured there is smthing wrong in the HDD (W7 32bit's)
later the night i was going to work and i opened my computer which kinda start loading HDD which happens a lot becoz my 500GB+500GB HDD both of them are almost full..

bt it was loading HDD and sudden load finished and i see only 1 HDD's partition which has W 7 64bit installed..

when i restarted my system it took time to boot and i heard a BEEP BEEP sound from PC cabinet like PC trying to detecting HDD and its not working... but when that Boot option appeared which asks

WINDOW 7 32bit
WINDOW 7 64bit

right i selected the 2nd one.. and windows booted nicely and still no partition i could see form 2nd HDD
i restarted again and to select window 7 32 bit to see if the problem is in WINDOWS of what!!!

i select window 32bit from the list of boot option... becoz i am unable to see partition from that HDD which has window 7 32bit installed...and
i got error
0xc000000e Boot Error Windows failed to start. A Recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem:

1. Insert your windows installation disc and restart your computer.
2. Choose your language settings, and then click next
3. Click "repair your computer."

well it is urgent becoz...

1: i have sssoooooooooooooooo much importent DATA in that HDD (all of the them)
2: i have a projec6t to submit this Tuesday and and client is from US and all the files are in one of HDD's partition
3: i have so much of other incomplete project, many of the detail from my client i have to take payment from.
4: there is no way i can lose that HDD data
5: i can buy new one...but i need to recover the HDD and move the data away...
6: neither i cant see it in BIOS or COMPUTER MANAGMENT

I need this help very very very very urgent!
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  1. Run the manafacturing tests for your HDD's

    check their websites for the software.
    its likley that you have devloped bad sectors on you Win 7 32bit partition.

    but running the tool will let you know for sure.
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    This is why you create a backup, especially for data this important. If it's not appearing in the BIOS, you can try connecting it to a different SATA port or a different computer. If that doesn't work, you've got to send it in to a professional data recovery service which can replace the electronics on the drive to recover your data (which may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars). From what it seems, your drive has failed and the chance of you recovering that data yourself (without sending it away) is probably nil. Even if you send it in, they still may not be able to recover the some or any of the data, due to possible disk surface damage.


    EDIT: Running tests aren't going to work if the BIOS can't see the drive!
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  4. I was not able to fix it and i was so angry on my home from Computer Repair Shop...
    i saw a river... so...i threw my HDD in river..

    PROBLEM SOLVED.. :'( :(
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