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Core 2 Quad Q8400 vs Phenom II X4 955 BE

Okay Guys.. Now I Want My Current Rig To Run For Another Year And After That I Will Be Making A New Custom Rig With A Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge Or Bulldozer!
For Now, I Want To Upgrade From 2 Cores To 4 For Better gaming perfomance and faster processing!
My Current Rig:
Intel C2D E4500 @ 2.6 Ghz OC( Was 3.0 , But After I introduced new RAM(which was slower) had to turn it down)
2GB DDR2 RAM @ 800 Mhz
ATi 6750 1 GB DDR5
Corsair 500W

So, I Wanto upgrade to either a Q8400/Phenom II X4 955 BE!
Now My Current Mobo Asrock G31M-S 2.0 Supports Core 2 Quads, so i wunt have to change my motherboard if i get the Q8400!

But Prices of a New Mobo + Phenom 955 Are Almost The Same! So If The Phenom Gives Me Greater performances in games den i wud take that!
I donot want to buy new Ram ofcourse. i want to use my current 2GB DDR2 For 1 More Year Before I Upgrade! I Can Add Another 2GB DDR2 To It and make it 4GB if that would increase my performance because my friend is selling his 1 year old 2GB DDR2 Ram @ Half the price!

Remember! I donot want to upgrade to sandybridge now. i want to make my rig run for 1 more year. So nothing about I5-2500K Or waiting for bulldozer would be appreciated!
I just want a performance comparision b/w the two and want to know which is the best bang for the buck!
Consider the budget as 200$ for C2D And 240$ for Phenom(As i need to buy new mobo for it)!

I donot want to save this money for the new Rig because that will be my parents money and i will have enough for evrything.. So scratch saving money!

PS: This will be my last post in selecting a processor for now, so please help me as i am quizzed!

Edit:- Well, I think i will sell off my 2 GB DDR2 And Get 2GB DDR3! It All Fits Into My Budget Now, Coz i got a bit more of the cash today!
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  1. im in the same boat with my rig. i have decided upgrading platform is the best way to go. It is cheaper to just pop a quad core cpu in your motherboard, but the q8400's are pretty slow. If you get the phenom, you can get a motherboard that is bulldozer ready and just pop one in when they are released. Same goes for SB. You could get an i3 2100 and motherboard for the same price as a 955be and be ready to drop in a i5 2500k later on. I am chosing to wait a bit longer at this stage, although i know its tempting when you have the cash to spend. Just make sure you get a ddr3 motherboard as ddr3 is half the price of ddr2.
  2. +1 good advice
  3. There is a performance boost for the 955, in almost all applications, not a lot but enough to matter, so it comes down to motherboard and ram choices.
    Are you now and for the next year comfortable with your old motherboards?
    Anything you like/hate?
    It has been a lot easier to get good AMD boards on sale for a while, but whether this will continue I don't know.
    So, just how well do your current boards suit your needs/wants. Do you want something different or something comfortable?
    Personally I would look for a motherboard/processor combo.
  4. Why did you pick the Q8400? It's not a bad chip but its multiplier is only 8. I run the very similar Q9400, overclocked to 3.4GHz. Mine will go faster, I achieved 3.8 pretty easily in testing, but with a multiplier of only 8 that means you are running the ram and your motherboard pretty fast. Without good ram and a good motherboard you couldn't count on this much overclock. With 800MHz ram you could probably get the chip to run at 3.2GHz, which isn't too bad. This way you only have to replace the CPU. If you start changing motherboards and CPU's, and coolers, and maybe ram, then you can get carried away pretty fast.
  5. -A cheap ddr2 crossfire board (they should be on sale cheap since no-one wants ddr2 anymore or am2+).
    -A second hd-6750 later on.
    - A phenom II 955.
    $53.99 ASRock A770DE+ AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD 770 ATX AMD Motherboard
    6-Core CPU ready, support AMD AOD ACC, CrossFireX
  6. yeah.. i checkd the prices of the i3-2100 and they are the same as upgrading to Q8400
    with motherboard!
    So will the i3 give me a gud boost in my games ? better than a q8400 or equal ?

    I mean, the i3 is well within my budget, and i would love to upgrade to sandy bridge now itself and then upgrade to i5 later on!

    But still, isn't 4 cores better than 2? i mean wouldn't the phenom 955 beat the i3 for now ?
  7. Best answer
    look at the benches

    that is the 965 Be (faster cpu same family)
    a I3-2100

    2100 is beating or barely losing to the 965 BE
    and look at the Dragons Age game bench
    2100 beats the 965be at gaming

    so the 2100 is a good match against the 955 and 965BE

    and then later you can go for an I5 or I7 Sandybridge
  8. From what I can tell a lot of people seem to put their primary spend into CPU/Mobo/Ram and lesser priority on GPU spend, which makes no sense for a gaming rig. In all honesty with the money you are spending (which obviously isnt much, so +50 bucks will matter) it seems like a "Q9400 over a Q8400" comment is a bit of pointless advice, here is why. If your options were Q8400 + Crossfire 6750s OR Q9400 + Single 6750, for gaming, the Q8400 setup will be miles better (assuming similar cost).

    Crossfire your current cards, get a board to support that, reuse your DDR2 and get a Q8400. Yes if you can afford a Q9400/500 series that's a better option, in terms of both value and performance but if you were picking over where to put a little extra money, with a 6750 an extra couple hungy Mhz wont get much going in games.
  9. @James72:

    You didnt understand my plans properly! I just want to run this rig 1 more year!
    After that i will be getting a i5-2500K ! Thats decided! And Expand My Ram To Atleast 4GB(If Not 8)

    The i3,the crossfire mobo and Ram fit into my new budget! So that will be the way i will be moving! Thanx Guys!
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  11. Thank you for selecting me as best answer

    Good luck with the I3-2100
    I think you will be pleasantly surprised from what I hear
    I am kinda of jealous :)
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