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DDR3 timings question (ratio vs timing)

The ram I am using is 2 4gig sticks of DDR3 G.Skill 1600mhz (I put a link to exact model below). Well after doing my overclocking, taking a Phenom II 3.0deneb up to 3.5ghz (I used the ratio of 14x250, I found taking the multi down from 15x to 14x made the ram mhz line up perfectly at 1333mhz and figured that was a good speed for the Overclock I was doing). Currently my ratio, if this even matters, I read alot of back and fourth on it is; 3:8 FSB:DRAM. Well using that as my guide and the guides I have looked out on overclocking Phenom's my timings should be set to somthing around 5-5-5-15, but with my ram standard timings being 9-9-9-24, I did not know the consquenses of trying timings that diffrent from stock. Any advice on this please? Also current I have the timings set at 7-7-7-21 and it checked out with no errors but I am getting some problems from it, small crashes, mem dumbs, etc....Again any advice, or ideas of were I should be going with these settings?
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  1. Not sure where you got those calculations but 5-5-5 is extremely unreasonable, and 7-7-7 is unlikely to work. try 7-8-7-21 or 8-8-8-22 if your crashing. Your only going a little slower then its rated speed after all... can't expect the timings to drop that much. And this assumes you are completely stable with the stock timings.

    And the CPU multplier does not affect the RAM timing. My gskill ram is at 1580, because the memory controller wouldn't overclock to 1600(its technically 1333) even with a CPU-NB voltage bump. Most can though if you want to run your ram at its listed speed.

    if you have an unlocked multiplier(you didnt say) the FSB to multiplier ratio is irrelevant because the proper way to overclock is keep the ram at stock(1333), increase the multiplier until you crash, then bump the voltage till it and temps are stable and repeat. Once you know the Max stable CPU frequency via prime95 or something you then lower the multiplier and overclock the RAM. IF you want.

    Since you are at a standard memory ratio there's no need for you to touch the FSB if you have an unlocked multiplier.

    If your multiplier is limited the ratios matter because they help you keep the RAM at standard setting like you did, so that you keep the RAM out of the equation while overclocking the CPU. The same logic applies though, one you know your MAX CPU clock you can reduce the multiplier and up the FSB to overclock the RAM. or in your case just change the RAM ratio up one and bump CPU-NB voltage to see if you can get it stable at its rated settings and timings.
  2. Hey no my multi is locked, I just noticed when leaving it at 15x and trying to achieve the 3.5-3.6ghz over clock settings my ram mhz speed changed as well, and once I saw speeds over 1600mhz and was crashing I decided to do a little math and try to get a more resonable setting. I used dolks guide to get alot of my information, and then of course asked alot of questions to comfirm stuff, but if you look at the section in the guide titled Memory, that was were I was getting my timings and ratio information if you would not mind looking at it and getting back to me. I double checked my current timings and they are 7-7-7-21 and 99 percent of the time it works fine boots up great, and all night gaming sessions in BF2 or SWTOR with graphics maxed out an FPS rocking everything seems fine just every now and then my power trips in my apartment and when I boot up I get a memory crash and have to set my mobo settings to default, or change ram timings to auto either works boot into windows 7 (so I do not get asked if I want to repair or go into normal mode), and once it does I can simply restart load my settings back (asus m4a78t-e I can save OC profiles) save and load windows. This might seem small to some but to me its a sign that somthing is wrong. Okay well thanks for the info up top and hopefully you can help me with what the section on memory is refering to then!!!
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    yea, I would consider that a problem. however, if the power in your apartment is tripping.... all sorts of potential problems there. I would still back the timings off to 8-8-8 and see. nothing behaves the same. As for the memory speed, as.I said phenom II memory controllers are 1333. so if you push memory faster you overclock the memory controller on the CPU too. the CPU-NB voltage can help there
  4. Well right now I am actually having really good peformance at 7-7-7-21, ran benchmark, and played SWTOR on max settings for about 6 hours raiding and all was good, btw did u get a chance to look at the memory section of the guide I linked? I'm really curious what u think the timings section of it is about....let me know
  5. Well if anyone can explain why the guide I linked makes such a big deal of changing the timings depending on the ratio would be awesome....
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