9600gt Standby problems

So i recently bought this card used on clist, installed it on my system, and have had no problems with it, except for one...

when my system goes into standby, i cant get it to wake back up, it starts up, and i can hear the fan run full speed like at post, but it never speeds down.
and the monitor never wakes, i let it go, and it never goes into windows (i never hear the windows sounds)
plus, i can hear the optical drive clicking, like its looking for a CD? o.O

in order to get it to boot, i have to kill power from the back.
but once it boots up, it runs flawlessly.

my system:
thermaltake 750w
gigabyte m68m-s2p mobo
Athlon 64 x2 be-2350
1g x2 samsung pc2-5300
WD cavier Se 320gig
toshiba 60gig
Sony opticra multi drive
hp 2009m
XFX 9600GT 512mb

i didnt have this problem till i installed the card.
i checked the bios, and have it set to wake on PEG, and to disable onboard gpu if PEG installed.
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    What card did you have before?
    Also, what state is your system set to sleep to...(S3) or (S1)?
    If you're running usb mouse and keyboard you have to have those set to enable and legasy usb set to enable.
    Please give more details...thanks...JQ
  2. I was using on board GPU before i got this card.
    i was using S3 before, and before i was having no problems.
    Legacy usb is enabled.
    interesting to note, the keyboard or mouse wasnt set to wake, i so set those, but they didnt need to be set before o.O

    i set it to s1 to see what happens.
    hope that helps.
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  4. I forgot i had this up, but i have since figured it out.
    i went and reset my bios, i had been doing some OC before, and apperantly that did something wierd? o.O

    i set it to S1 per johnnys advice/idea ^^
    and i could get it to come out of s1..
    so i set it back to S3 and it worked?

    So i chose Johnny's answer as the best one, as it WAS helpful

    thanks! ^_^
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