Need new future proof-ish graphics card...

Right now I have a 5770 with a amd phenom II 965 and my motherboards is a asrock 790gx. I want a video card that can play new games that are coming out soon (crysis 2, BF3, etc..). I dont really care if it can run at max settings, but I want to run it at at least on medium. (1920X1080). What do you recommend? doing crossfire X with another 5770 is also an option. Maybe even the new 6xxx cards that are out...
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  1. hd6850, another hd5770, or GTX 460 1gb are good.
  2. heres the thing, can you post me a guide on how to do crossfire x? I tried it once for my friend and it didnt really work....
  3. do you even think I need an upgrade? Again, I don't care about max settings... Eventually I will need to, but how long do you think a 5770 will last me?
  4. What you do is: install the card, download the drivers, put on the CF bridge, go into Catalyst Control Center, enable CF, then re-start. It should work.
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    I would wait until the game(s) come out first. If you don't like the performance, then spend money on an upgrade.
  6. If you do not need max setting, a hd5770 will last you two years or so.
  7. You need a motherboard that can do Xfire for starters, and a Xfire capable PSU.

    Problem is you haven't set any constraints on your preference, so I can sggest you any top of the range cards from ATI or Nvidia, lets say a 5990 or GTX 580, and both would be good GPUs to get. You could help yourself by stating budget, and PSU power.
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  9. He doesn't want to play games on max, so why would even recommend those two AMAZING GPUs? Btw, it is a hd5970 or hd6990.
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