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Hi, I am looking to build a computer for gaming. I am looking to get a major improvement from my laptop, i7, 4gigs of ram, ati 5730. I was hoping to spend about $500-$700 on just the processor, motherboard, ram, and video card. I have a theoretical idea of what I'm going to get right now.

Asus M4A88T-M/USB3 AMD 880G Socket AM3 PGA-941

MD Phenom II X6 1055T (2.80 GHz) 4000 MHz HT Hexa-core

3 X Kingston KVR1333D3N9/4G ValueRAM - DDR3-1333/PC3-10600 - 4 GB - Non-ECC - Unbuffered - 240-pin DIMM

Video Card:
PowerColor AX6850 1GBD5-DH Radeon HD 6850 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16

Are there any other deals that could get close or better to this set. I have all the other components, psu hard drives etc. I f you have any other suggestions or see any problems please tell me.
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  1. The MoBo is good, i use practically the same one, as well as a 6850, and it handles all sorts of games at decent resolutions. You'd likely be better off with a fast quad core over the 6 core processor though. I'd recommend the phenom X4 955 and a good cooler and then overclock it to around 4 ghz. You may also want to invest in a dual channel memory kit as opposed to 3 seperate sticks, as your system will run slightly better that way.
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    ^+1. I'd go with either the Phenom II X4 or switch over to an Intel i3-2100 setup.
    Buy a matched set of dual channel RAM, as you will see better performance that way.
  3. How do I know what memory is dual channel, what is dual channel? If I got the Phenom II X4, how would I overclock it?
  4. Will 2 X 4gig dual channel sticks out preform 3 X 4gig sticks? I found this RAM will this work in dual channel:
    Kingston KVR1066D3D4R7SK2/8G ValueRAM - DDR3-1066/PC3-8500 - 8 GB - Parity - Registered - 240-pin DIMM
    If my MoBo can support 16 gigs of memory and has 4 slots, does that mean I am only allowed 4gigs per slot (16 gigs divided by 4 slots is 4gigs) even if i dont use them all?
  5. Dual channel RAM is just identical RAM sold in pairs (under specs it should also say dual channel).

    If you get 3x4GB sticks, your RAM will run in much slower single channel mode.

    I believe you can have 2x8GB sticks instead of 4x4GB. 2x8GB will run faster (not noticeably though).
  6. About the 955 instead of the 1055T, give this link a try:

    Now, about the RAM debacle: Dual channel works when you put memory in pairs ("twins" if you like). In this case, you could go 2x4Gb or 4x2GB (my setup); if you go with 16GB, give this link a lil' read:,2778.html

    About the RAM itself... Well... Ditch the "value" one IMO. Try getting a DDR3-1600 with low latency, that way you can 1:1 the HT link, giving you a few cycles more for computing. Not a HUGE difference though, but still.


    EDIT: Wrong info :P
  7. I think I will get 4 X 4gb ram and the 6 core processor. I have not overclocked and dont think im going to start.
    How much power would this pc consume, or how much should my power supply give.

    I am changing my MoBo to a ATX, not mini, so that I can get another ati 6850 when I need. My new Mobo is,
    MSI 870S-G54 AMD 870. It also supports more kinds of ram and has another 16 pin pci-e slot. Would having the second 6850 boost graphics enough to run crysis 2 maxed out at 60fps?
  8. You won't ever use 16GB RAM to it's fullest potential with games. Extra RAM only makes significant improvements in heavy applications like Adobe's Suite or computational programs.

    You're better off getting 8GB, a Intel Sandy Bridge CPU, and/or a better GPU.
  9. Would a 6950/6970 be good for games with 8gb of ram. What is an Intel sandy bridge CPU?
  10. If I got 2 6850's, would it be better than 1 6970?
  11. Here's a link to help you with your decision.

    I would also look at the current prices. comparing 1 6970 to the price of 2 6850's. Also, is your PSU big enough to handle powering two cards? Then there is your motherboard. Assuming that you meet the requirements for either one, I would got with the cross fire. most cross fire builds scale up pretty well when using two older cards vs 1 newer.

    Also, here is a page that shows statistics between the two. Your actual statistics would vary from these, given the different hardware. but from what you mentioned earlier, you should be just fine.

    Also, definitely go with the quad core phenom II. I purchased one, and I love it! phenom II 955t BE oc'd @ 3.8ghz 8gb of ddr3 @ oc'd @ 1600 msi twin frozr gtx460 asus m4a88td-v MOBO
  12. boiler1990 said:
    ^+1. I'd go with either the Phenom II X4 or switch over to an Intel i3-2100 setup.
    Buy a matched set of dual channel RAM, as you will see better performance that way.

    I agree with this. If I understand correctly, games dont really take advantage of 6 cores over 4. Personally I would get a build around the i5-2500k, but I don't know if you prefer AMD
  13. I do not want to switch to switch to an i5 processor because it is way more expensive, if you count the MoBo. If I did get the Phenom II X4, would it be a lot of work to overclock it? As a side note, I do prefer Intel but I am looking to get as much as I can with the money I have. I am no expert in power supplies so... what psu should I get. Is a 750w one good enough? Are there any good, cool, cool looking, and cheap cases? I know that the graphics card is going to be HUGE.
  14. Even the i3-2100 would beat the AMD X4 955, even though it's a dual core. I'd recommend going with Intel if you can.

    Your PSU depends on the GPU(s) you get. Use this to get an idea of the PSU you need; this is a very accurate calculator:
  15. O.K. I have found a new MoBo, MSI P67A-G43 (B3), and a i5 2500k. Although it brought the price up a fair bit, it will increase the performance. Everything is just sitting at $1000 with tax and shipping. When I install the RAM, would I place them in slot 1 and 3 or 1 and 2. There are alternating colors on the MoBo. To I place my 2 RAM sticks on both red sockets or one red and one white?
  16. Your extra money will be well spent; you shouldn't need to upgrade for ~2-3 years (maybe except for a GPU).

    The manual will tell you which slots, but it should be 1 and 3, then 2 and 4.
  17. Thanks for the help! I am going to get another 6850 with CrossfireX within the next year (I think I will be fine with it for now) , I will begin to order parts this month!
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