Having trouble with Nvidia Geforce 425M

Hey everyone,

I bought an Asus notebook last December


One of the first things I did when it came was reinstall Windows 7 64x. I thought I reinstalled all of the drivers properly. I have recently tried to install some of the old games I had laying around. (STALKER: Shadows of Chernobyl) and found that I could barely run the game at moderate specs. My friend who has a similarly spec'd ATI card can run COD: Black Ops on high or max.

So I went to make sure all of the drivers for the Geforce card were current. I uninstalled the old one after downloading a new one from Geforce.com. When I tried to install the new driver, it says:

"Install cannot continue. This graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware."

If I go into the device manager, under the display adapters section it lists "Intel(R) HD Graphics". If I uninstall that one, the displays resolution dips down like I would expect it would when I uninstalled the Geforce driver. Could this all mean my laptop was never using the Geforce GPU that it was supposed to be using?

Any help would be hot. Thanks in advance
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  1. Hmmm, go to the ASUS site and get the proper drivers that they supply, I just looked in the latest NVIDIA driver pack [inf] and saw no mention of your GTX 425,, therefore it may be OEM specific...:)
  2. I would say yeah, somehow I must have landed a configuration without it, but here is the exact place I bought it from, with my exact model number! (n53jk-xe1)


    I've tried drivers from Asus, geforce, and nvidia. They all say the same thing about finding no hardware compatible with the driver I downloaded.
  3. http://www.nvidia.com/object/notebook_drivers.html <--- Link you want. Notebooks with the 400M series use a different driver pack that the desktops, etc... You can look it up the old fashioned way, but this might be more helpful.

    It's also possible that something in the BIOS was disabled, causing the card to post or register in some other fashion. It's also possible there's some hardware failure that's the cause.
  4. Thanks, I the link recommended the same driver I had downloaded before. I tried it just to be safe, and got the same result.

    If it were some problem in the BIOS, how would i go about diagnosing it?
  5. When you boot up your computer, it should give you an option to the effect of "to enter set up press Del"

    It can be worded differently, and the key can literally be anything, but is usually Del, F2, F3, or Esc.

    Feel free to scroll through the BIOS setup at will, just don't change anything you don't understand completely. Typically there will be a menu for "Onboard Devices" and/or and "Advanced Chipset" (or something akin to those) which house most video settings. Make sure none of the video options are set funny (e.g. Onboard video isn't set to "Disabled" and should be set to "Auto"), and that it's primary video is set to "PCI-E."

    These settings usually right themselves, even if set wrong, but there are some exceptions with pickier motherboard/BIOS combinations. One possibility is since I believe (correct me if I'm wrong) this is a dedicated Video solution, the motherboard may have an integrated video solution that may be switched on by mistake, meaning your 425M is simply deactivated and needs to be reactivated. Basically you should be able to toggle between the optional Dedicated video or the Built in integrated video. If this is the case, you'll find the setting in the BIOS, and it'll pretty self-explanatory, and you should be able to locate and fix it without too much fear or trouble. Remember that "auto" is the best setting for 99% of all BIOS settings where it's an option.
  6. I took a look, I may be just missing it, but I didn't see anything regarding video settings. Somebody from a different forum suggested I may need to download a modded INF file to get the driver to play nice. Any thoughts?
  7. It's possible. The crummy things about a lot of the mobile graphics is that support is poor. This would not be the first laptop i've heard of not having any driver.
  8. What do these people do? Are they forced to accept that the product they bought has no support from the company that produced it? Do they get refunds? What the hell?!
  9. Usually you get better support from Asus. Last computer I saw this happen with was an HP I had to reformat two years ago, and I had to hunt down an out of date driver. And I expect it from HP. I'd try the Asus website and look for a support contact email. Often they can get you pointed in the right direction. Or at least tell you what's going on. It's possible something could just be broken, or we could all just be overlooking some odd detail.
  10. Incase that you haven't fixed your graphic card yet...I think that when you reinstalled windows the previous driver for your nvidia card was probably deleted and your notebook automatically switch to it's onboard graphic card which is an intel graphic card.

    try these steps:

    1. go to "device manager"
    2. then look for a device which has a "?"
    3. then open it's "properties"
    4. then click "update driver"
    5. then browse for the driver that you have downloaded from asus or nvidia.
    *repeat steps 2-5 if the "?" is more than 1 do this until you have done trying it on all the "?"*

    hope this helps ^^.
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