No power is it the PSU

my cousin PC will not power up, you switch it on and nothing, however if i remove the side when connect to the mains and you push the start button an orange light comes on the motherboard, dont know the specs just trying to identy likley cause

thanks for any help
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  1. After you press the power on button on the front of the tower do the fans spin (CPU or case) and does anything seem like it is receiving power? I think the orange light indicates a hardware problem, hard to determine if the motherboard isn't know. Can you post a picture of the inside of the tower?
  2. Take the PSU and a case fan out, and find yourself a paperclip, test the PSU, if it doesnt spin up the fan or the fan spins really slow its dead.
  3. Think its a gigabyte mobo,no fans or anything power up.there is nothing until I push the power but then the orange lights comes on the mobo and that's it.ill try the psu case fan test later
  4. so just did the paper clip test and nothing the power supply didnt start up, it a gigbyte MOBO ga7vt6001394
  5. just tried my power supply from my pc and the pc seems to start up, single system bleep to indicate everything is ok and fanxs power up so looks like it is the psu
  6. all sorted new power supply in and working thanks for the video help
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