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Hello, my computer will not shut off. I have attempted to power off by the off button on the computer. It remains on. I tried unplugging from power source and replugging. The computer comes back on. There is no image on the monitor. There are no error messages or event report since there is no image on the monitor. I have only tried turning the computer by the off button and unplugging. This is an acer aspire T180 Vista OS
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  1. I want to help but I need more info
    read this link
    try those things first and then report back :)
  2. My guess is that the power supply or motherboard is bad.
    If you have had storms or power outages in your area, it is likely the board got hit. I also wish I could be more help but follow king smp 's advice and post back. I repair machines that exhibit the same problems as yours ALL the time after stormy weather, however, if that isn't the case, we can assist in further troubleshooting.
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