Want to upgrade graphics card

I currently have a xfx radeon hd 4350 and want to upgrade to another ati card.I read the chart here but I'm still learning this stuff and don't quiet understand yet.It says if you are going upgrade you should upgrade by 3 levels.Could someone help me understand how to tell what makes a graphics card better than another and suggest an upgrade for me.

usage is for gaming
amd x4 640 processor
win7 ultimate
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  1. Some questions before I can recommend anything:

    What do you do with the PC (game or not?)? If you game, which types of games do you play?

    What brand and model of PSU?

    What kind of case do you have? Some of the new cards are long, so case size becomes a consideration.

    What is your budget for this upgrade?
  2. Here is a link to what kind of case I have

    I play all kinds of games like re5,fsx,blackshark,cod but not games like wow.I'm looking to spend at most $130
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    This should be a decent enough upgrade, will be able to handle games nicely up to 1080p.

    May i suggest you upgrade your PSU however? Nothing too special, maybe just a 500 - 550W unit from Antec, Corsair, Silverstone or Seasonic? I only say this because if you have a generic unbranded PSU, they are of questionable quality and if they blow then your whole system does, including your shiny new card.

    The choice is yours however.
  4. Sorry for the DP but i can't edit unfortunately, this is the kind of PSU i am talking about:

    It will be worth it despite the fact it's probably the most unglamorous upgrade you'll ever do.
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