No signal after replacing GPU

hey I bought my computer last summer and I thought I'd put my old graphics card into my new computer,

the one I have is nvidia 220gt, and I want to replace it with my nvidia 8800, but when its done I get no signal on the monitor, did I miss something?

( and I did no common mistakes such as forgetting any cables or anything, everything is plugged in)
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  1. Just to be clear, you removed the 220GT and replaced with the 8800? Or, do you have them both installed at the same time? Please clarify.
  2. yes I am replacing it with the 8800 not putting both in, my motherboard don't support it otherwise I would have both in at the same time, (since 220 gt has an HDMI output)
  3. Did you use driversweeper to remove the video drivers before you swapped the GPUs? If not, dowload, install, and run driversweeper (link below). Shutdown the system, then swap GPUs. Once booted up, re-install the most current drivers downloaded directly from (go ahead and get those as well when you fetch driversweeper). See if this helps. Good luck!
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