My first case mod questions

Anyway, planning on modding my HAF 932.

Considering the following:
Painting the inside black and red (Maybe a shiny black)
Cutting the entire side panel and making it acrylic
Adding some lights and and LED fans

Anyway, the problem I'm worried about is losing the 230mm fan on the side of the case. Does it make a huge difference? I overclocked to 3.8, and in november I plan on getting a second radeon 6870 and some more RAM. I guess I'm worried about losing that fan.

How much would average liquid cooling cost? It's always something I've considered but It isn't worth it to me as of yet because I have no need for it.

If I just lose that 230mm fan, would there be a big difference?

I was thinking about putting a a fewwhole bunch of smaller fans inside the case (right behind the dvd drives and where the harddrive goes) would that replace the 230mm fan?

I'm not sure how this would look, but if i put 6 or so smaller fans on the modded side panel, so make it acrylic and cut holes for 6 fans. How would that be?

Basically the only thing holding my back from modding is this side panel, so I would appreciate any help with heating! Thank you
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  1. from different reviews the side panel fan doesnt really help cooling that much
    much better off with high quality high CFM front,back and top
  2. king smp said:
    from different reviews the side panel fan doesnt really help cooling that much
    much better off with high quality high CFM front,back and top

    Thanks for the fast reply! What does CFM mean though?
  3. cubic foot per minute
    it is how air flow is measured among other things

    when shopping for fans look at CFM and DB (decibel) level of fan
    the highest CFM with a low DB (noise level) is the one you want
    personally I would go with Scythe fans myself
    well known to be among the best
  4. So essentially if I replace the other case fans with higher quality fans, I can get rid of the side panel fan without a problem?
  5. I would say so
    just from alot of reading the side fan doesnt make a big impact
    really want your airflow from front to back (intakes in front exhaust out back)
    a good top fan can help if the option is available
    remember heat rises
  6. Soo replace the front fan with something better, along with the top fan and back fan. Then if I add one or two other front fans, I should be in good shape?
  7. Yes
    I myself prefer more exhaust than intake
    I like negative air pressure
    the air being "sucked" out of the case
    only problem can be dust accumalation
    but intake filters can help with that
    in a standing up tower try to keep your intakes lower on the case and the
    exhausts higher
    creating an upward flow from front bottom to top back
    also a pci slot cooler which are cheap are great if you have the room in the pci bay
    something like one of these

    remember your GPU is the hottest thing in the case
    so a slot fan next to it to draw off hot air is good
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