Laptop build with my alienware m17x case, where to start

im looking to gut this M17x laptop i have. it still runs, but because its a bit old, its obsolete. i want to replace everything in it with newer up to date hardware. because the R1 and the newest m17x have the same case, im looking to use the newest model as a template for this project, but before i take apart this perfectly fine running laptop, i wanted to see if it was even possible. i may have overlooked something.
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  1. It would be very difficult to rebuild a laptop, since most motherboards are custom manufactured to fit a specific laptop case.
  2. right, but the laptop that i want to take parts from has the same case meaning that everything should fit just fine, as long as i get the same one. theoretically...
  3. I think the could upgrade a laptop is by swapping the parts with a newer laptop. I have done this with an older laptop, bought a slightly newer one from eBay and swapped the parts. Took a bit of work, fitting it in and soldering, but it worked. I would not recommend doing that though. You are better off just selling it and replacing it.
  4. yeah, i thought about that, but i dont have the money to just through at a newer model, i would like to buy the parts as slow as i need. and im looking for a project to keep me busy
  5. Where are you going to get the parts? Going to canniblize ebay machines?

    You probably want to look carefully at how much it will cost to secure parts vs hassle vs just replacing the machine.
  6. Yes it is possible I have done it to my own you can aquire pieces off ebay amazon and places like parts people and notebookreview marketplace. There may be a few pieces that are hard to get like a cable here and there or if your like me I am missing one piece but not really vital and that is an optical drive there are some on ebay but I need one with a bracket and cables for it as well. But I can use my usbs and get external if needed. Overall it is possible and can be cheapish depends where you go and what spec your after and the only problem could be shipping and handling and customs charges if ordering from abroad
  7. Do u know if it will fit a asus m5a99x evo motherboard or just a certain model. ;)
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