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Graphics Card for Pentium 3?

I have a Pentium 3 computer with Intel i810 motherboard. It is 866 Mhz, 512Mb SDRAM, 20+160 Gb harddisk which is originally showing 20+137 Gb, 16 Mb inbuilt video memory. I have only three PCI slots and not PCI-express or AGP. I want to install a graphics card to my computer. Please, tell me which graphics card should I buy which will support my computer and also I want to install a graphics card having memory of 128-256 Mb or it can be more also if my pentium 3 supports it. Also, do I need to upgrade my powersupply also to install a graphics card? I want to play games like Vice city, Underground. I am currently using Windows XP. For now I don't want to spend on a new computer and I am ready to spend for a graphics card.
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  2. I just bought a PCI based GPU (video card) for a system only slightly stronger than yours. I bought a Radeon 9250 with 128MB of memory that I am very happy with. However, there is also a 256MB version. Link is below.

    Your current power supply should be fine. You really don't have many PCI video card options, but this is a solid card and should do you well.
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