What if I wanted to connect several netbooks together without the internet?

I don't need an internet connection in order for the pcs to see each other? e.g. is simply connecting them all to a router enough? Where does the internet cable go.. to the server machine?
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  1. They can all talk to each other and to the internet -- no one machine has to be the server. You simply connect the router to the modem and use the ethernet ports or wireless to link the netbooks to the router.

    Make sure you specify what your present setup is when buying the router -- e.g. Cable or DSL.

    If DSL, it may be simpler to buy a combined DSL modem/wireless router which is the commonest and probably cheapest kind and which would then replace the DSL modem.
  2. I suppose I should clarify: I want to hook all the netbooks together to access a single computer program- let's call it a game. No internet connection is going to be needed.
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    So long as the network is operating reliably, all the machines have had their firewalls off at connection and filesharing is enabled on relevant folders -- it's mainly a matter of allowing the networking part of the game to operate.

    I suspect the most you'll have to do is make an accurate note of the computer names -- or worst case run Windows' Add New Network Place for each computer (not an amusing prospect).
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