965 Black Edition - Are my temps too high?

Hi everyone I am new to TH forums but have been reading reviews and benchmarks from this site for a long time and I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner to come and ask the experts here, but I am now so here is my situation!. I've built a new computer in january of this year and am running the following components.

Build Date - January 2011
Cooler Master Storm Scout - Case
Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 - Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition - CPU (Using Stock cooler)
2 x 2 GB G.Skill DDR3 - Ram
XFX Radeon HD 6870 - Videocard
Corsair 650TX - Power Supply
(1) - 500GB Western Digital Caviar Blue - Hard drive
(1) - Samsung DVD-RW - Optical Drive

I have noticed when my computer is idle and I'm just browsing the web the cpu temp sits at around 40° C and sometimes drops lower than that to around 35° C. Every now and then when I make a skype video call, or a yahoo video call, or play a java based web game such as tiger woods pga tour online the cpu temp increases to almost 60° C. I also would like to note before I upgraded to the 6870 I was running a 4650 and that when I would play games i.e. call of duty black ops, wow, fallout new vegas, etc my temp would hit 60° C like I said. The highest I've seen it reach was 64° C I believe. This makes me very nervous because every once in a while I check temps using the Asus AI Suite or HWMonitor which came with the motherboard, asus one that is. Now I've talked to some people else where about this and they say my temps are perfectly for idle and max load which I've said they reach. But I'm not sure, am I being paranoid? do I need an aftermarket cooler? even though I will most likely not over-clock anything anytime soon. I just would like some input on my temps here, one person I talked to said my temps shouldn't be that for no reason, and that he was using an older proc with water cooling and he don't even get that high, but I don't know if he know's what he's talking about. Input and thoughts would be greatly appreciated..what I could do to lower my overall idle and max load temps..such as adding the max amount of case fans, an aftermarket cooler and if so which one. Thanks for all the help, and sorry If I've made this look like a big wall of text, I was not trying to do that. :D
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  1. Your temps are good :)
    no problems
    knowing ambient room temperature helps
    but those temps look good
    I have a Core2Duo OCd to 3ghz with a HD 5670 in a Dell Slim Desktop
    and I know my cooling is good (three extra fans-two intakes and one exhaust)
    and right now my room is 80F (heatwave Northeast USA)
    my max temp today was 71c (safe max temp for C2D)
    my temp while browsing and watching youtube is 46c
    only worry if you if you start going over 62-65c
    according to AMD max temp is 62c
    but that is conservative
    looking around differenct forums 60c was common for max on 965

    I want you to try this
    use Coretemp
    good program
    go into settings/options and go to advanced and change the reading
    to "distance to TJmax"
    and report idle and temp

    TJMax is throttling temp
    about 5c past TJMax it will shut down
    the number goes lower as temp rises
    any number 20c or higher at max is good
    around 45-50c distance fo idle is good

    Warning: I am a former temperature obssesion freak LOL
  2. Alright I did that and it says Tj.Max: 99°C and CPU #0: 44°C - Low 44°C / High 46°C right now I have about 11 tabs open in firefox, steam, ventrilo and mirc running. I want to ask though..on the AMD site it says max temp is 62c but one time I seen it go high as 64c like I said I was playing black ops, is that safe still?.
  3. you need clean and check ambient .. 60C is safely when under stress test and 55C when fulload game. it's little hot for 965BE ... in long time not safe. you must fix it!
    i think you need clean HSF, fan, etc , replace thermal paste and raise speed fan with disabled smart fan. add fan for Air flow, for better use aftermarket cooler
  4. alright, how do i raise the fan speed with disabled smart fan? I know cool 'n' quiet is enabled if that's what you are talking about. also I want to add..my friend was the one who put everything together, he came to my house and I watched him install everything as I never put together a computer before and he was very skilled in putting computer's together, but I noted that on the cpu when I was looking at it from the box there was a small circle dab of look like thermal paste on it and I asked him if he had to spread it around some how, and he said no that's not needed, so I don't know if that can be adding on to my temps..
  5. Go bios --- power -- CPU Q fan --- disabled

  6. solidwing68 said:
    Alright I did that and it says Tj.Max: 99°C and CPU #0: 44°C - Low 44°C / High 46°C right now I have about 11 tabs open in firefox, steam, ventrilo and mirc running. I want to ask though..on the AMD site it says max temp is 62c but one time I seen it go high as 64c like I said I was playing black ops, is that safe still?.

    run some games or other programs to put a load on cpu
    not just firefox
    while watching distance to TJmax

    also what is temp in room
    in Fahrenheit if you can
  7. The max temp for this processor is 65C, as said by AMD, (increased to 65 from 62 for the BE). Now, I have a CoolMaster Hyper 212 Plus, my temperature right now is 32C at stock with the room temp at 24C.
  8. ok give me one sec while I reboot..back in few mins..wait do you want me to enable or disable CPU Q Fan?
  9. Disabled cpu Qfan
  10. Ok I will go to reboot now and check that cpu q fan is disabled and will take pics of everything to show here, make sure everything is correct..and also, the temp in my house, not sure of my room is..74 degrees F and also I live in New Jersey
  11. How must your temp now ?
  12. I'm back..right now it's at 39-40 but I noticed the fan(I think the heatsink fan went really loud after I disabled the cpu qfan and booted up..but here are the pics I took, tell me if anything looks off.


    I know in the bios it shows 57 degrees but I think thats cause I have not booted up yet
  13. what is your distance to TJ max at load and at idle?

    I have spent years researching temp monitoring
    distance to TJmax(amd calls it something different) is all that matters

    as long as you dont go higher than about 15-20 to TJmax
    your are fine 20 degrees and higher >20 ie 21,22,23 etc
    your good


    now that is for Intel but the basics apply to AMD

    idle temp really doesnt matter

    only max load temp

    as long as it doesnt get close to thermal throttling you are fine

    also lifprasir has a 212+ so of course his temps will be lower
    since that is one of the better (and huge) cooling systems
    if the OP has stock AMD it will be 5-10degrees hotter than the 212+

    those temps are fine
    but getting an aftermarket cooler is always a good idea
    hyper 212+ is great and under $50 USD
    noctua and zalman and coolermaster all
    make great coolers

    and OP I live in New Jersey also :)
    those temps
  14. I don't know what you mean what the distance to TJMax is..so I took a screenshot, maybe you can know by this..

  15. go to
    options>settings>advanced>check off distance to tj max check box>exit
  16. that is a great idle in a 74F room!!!
  17. Ok, that box is checked and thanks! I don't know much about temps thats why i'm concerned and am asking here. I was also looking at some aftermarket coolers, and have been reading reviews on this one here which I think I may purchase http://www.amazon.com/Noctua-Heatpipe-Bearing-Cooler-NH-D14/dp/tech-data/B002VKVZ1A/ref=de_a_smtd but not sure if it will fit in the coolermaster storm scout. Although I am reading the manual for my case and it says please ensure that your cpu cooler does not exceed 6.5-inch (165mm) which this cooler is 160. Here is the looks of the inside of my case..what do you think? http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/9619/28496310150238807680388.jpg it looks dusty yes i know but it is not, just the camera quality of my phone sucks and well I just cleaned it a few days ago when I installed my 6870
  18. i think hyper 212+ is very very enough because not overclock ! this cooler very cheap $25 .. but it depend you want
  19. I know I will prolly not overclock soon, but I want the very best for my pc that I can afford! I love it more than anything, you know?
  20. ok... give your pc the best hardware :)
  21. I agree that the Hyper 212+ is a good cooler

    but if you want a Noctua
    this one is a better deal IMHO

    easier to fit
    really quiet
    great cooling
  22. Hmmm, what is the difference between that noctua and the nh-d14?
  23. the nh-d14 is the best cooler out there
    but the one I linked is the best compact cooler
    you were worried about size
    it would be much easier to fit
    also would save you some money
    really good deal

    the NH-D14 is widely known as the best
    dont get me wrong
  24. well i'm not really concerned with the size as the cooler master site says it will fit if it doesn't exceed 165mm which it don't, but I know the compact one the coolermaster hyper212+ would cost me alot less..how big of a temp diff would I see between these 2 if I was to use one or the other? would I see more with either one?
  25. maybe one or two degrees max
    unless you are an extreme overclocker it wouldnt matter
    I just thought it would a easier fit for the compact Noctua
    plus it is at a great price
  26. you mean one or two between the two? or overall if i install a aftermarket cooler
  27. between the two aftermarkets
    the difference with an aftermarket cooler compared to stock
    would be about 5-10 degrees cooler with aftermarket
  28. I see..thanks for clearing that up
  29. I just ran a Prime95 test for a few hours and the max temp it hit was 72 degrees C..how is that?
  30. check thermal paste maybe thickness
    here guide applied thermal paste from :
    Hardwaresecreet or Becnhmarkreview
  31. alright i'll check..but are those temps good?
  32. If that room is still at 74F
    then a max 60c on Prime95 is GREAT
    good temps
    you have nothing to worry about
    Prime95 stresses out your CPU %100 on all 4 cores
    your CPU will never get that hot from you using it
    unless you are doing something like encoding/transcoding video

    You are good

    An aftermarket cooler is always a good idea
    but not needed
  33. right. My room is still 74F but yea, is 70c good to on Prime95? cause thats what it peaked out at when I ran it earlier
  34. Okay you wrote 60c max
    now you wrote 70c
    that is a little hot

    buy an aftermarket cooler
    my C2D hits 70c but that is in a 80F room
    and I think the AMDs cant run as hot as C2Ds
    though I am not a AMD expert
  35. no I said when I ran a prime95 test the max temp it reached was 72C. 60C is what I normally see when gaming
  36. Okay now I understand

    since AMD lists 65c as max temp then that does seem a little hot
    remember that you will never hit P95 max during normal usage

    a cooler would be a good idea

    I myself if I have room in the case would pick the Hyper 212+
    for the money
    respected inexpensive cooler

    but since you want the best go with Noctua
    they are the best
  37. sorry ... forget Prime95 ... if you don't under overclock system not recommend use Prime95 ... it's only for overclock test stabillity! just Disabled Smart fan technology in bios! your fan ran at in RPM 3000 - 6500 RPM .. if you temp alway's high replace thermal paste and clean your HSF or better use after market cooler . add fan for help air Flow, and sure your PSU enough power for VGA , raise speed fan VGA too, for game when fulload for safelly must below 55C
  38. Video cards (VGA) temps can safely go up to 80c on load
    that is well known
    of course cooler is better
    but be realistic with your temps henydiah

    and there is nothing wrong with using Prime95 to test temps
    that is an accepted procedure for temperature testing
    not just overclocking stability

    A common question asked by users is "What is a safe temperature for my graphics card?" This varies depending on the particular graphics card series you have, since each is based on a particular architecture and hence has different heat output and tolerances. Typically, under most circumstances the 50-60 degree (Celcius) range is considered quite normal at idle, increasing into the high 70s under load. These temperatures will rise when overclocking or when your system is not properly cooled, and can result in crashes and freezes when under load. See the Overclocking section for more information on cooling.

    source -

    also there is nothing wrong with stress testing a non OCd system

    henydiah's advice to clean HSF,replace thermal paste or use an aftermarket
    cooler is very good
  39. A quick fix to try would be cleaning up the cables in your system.

    Even without a modular power supply or a case with specific cable routing ports you can still keep it far cleaner, which will lower your temperatures a few degrees just because of better airflow.

    Here's what i did with my nephews new computer recently, which used a non-modular power supply, and had no routing ports. http://img33.imageshack.us/img33/1417/imageqiy.jpg Obviously it's nothing close to what you can do with a PSU/Case designed to cable management, but zip ties + tucking all your unused cables into the bottom of you HD bay (you can easily route them through the holes in the side, that's what i did) can make a fairly big difference in the amount of airflow you can get in your case.
  40. ^+1 very true Yargnit
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