6970 Crossfire Freezes

I noticed that after playing L4D2 for about an hr my video just went black and told me to check for cable signal (as if the cpu wasnt on) and the comp freezes. This also happens when I change settings in Dead Space 2 to Shader Quality High and Shadows to Very High.

Anybody know what could be causing this? The cards arent getting hot and I have an 850w PSU. The computer stays on but I cant do anything just see no picture and I hear sound but the keyboards LCD freezes too and I cant CTL-ALT-DEL.

I am running latest drivers from AMD.

EDIT: Just noticed new drivers uploaded yesterday ima test em real quick.
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  1. Yeah, test new drivers, and even though you have a pretty beefy PSU, it is still possible that it is the culprit, but obviously check all the software options first.
  2. its still happening with the new drivers are. I dont know whats causing the problem though, the video card just turns off cuz I can hear the fans stop running but if it was the PSU wouldnt the whole computer shut down not just lose video and freeze?
  3. apparently it might be my PSU or a bad card. Some people had bad cards doing this but they were Sapphire mine is XFX.

    My PSU is an Enermax Galaxy 850w (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817194020) but the only certified PSU for 2 6970s shows the Corsair 1200AX.

    EDIT: not a bad card it seems each works fine on its own. I got it to due Mafia 2 benchmark the other day and play about 35 minutes of L4D2, I dont really know whats causing it to crash all the sudden.
  4. Asked this part of the question in the PSU section as it is more directly related to it.
  5. It happened to me yesterday when I changed settings in the original Crysis. Never happened before in any other game or even Crysis warhead.

    Might just be an isolated incident for me and not related to your issue but it sucks non the less!
  6. I Was able to run the Mafia 2 benchmark, play L4D2 for maybe 30 minutes, and now I cant load any game for more than 2 minutes without this issue. I didnt change any settings on anything except overclock the fan speed cuz the card ran a bit hot. If thats the issue then thats a bit odd. Ill try playing without the fan overclock and see.

    EDIT: No the fan is not the issue i turned off Overdrive and it still happens. Tried Fallout NV and it took maybe 30 seconds. I am completely lost as to why this isnt working and I dont think my PSU is the issue really.
  7. XFX told me to update the MB BIOS havent even considered it. There is a new one from 1/17/2011 and I havent touched the BIOS since I upgraded to 64 bit in August.
  8. Woops did you try the crossfire app profiles? they make a diffence... had the same issue. Updated the drivers and installed the app profiles and bam! fixed...
  9. Yes I installed those as well. IT crashes on Fallout, L4D2, Napoleon TW, and Dead Space 2, etc. So its not a profile issue, but thank you. Ima update the MB BIOS today and hopefully thats all that needs to be done.
  10. How hot do your cards get?
  11. I had a similar issue with the 5870 Vapor-X oc card 875mhz gpu - 1250mhz ram - the colored or grey lines on screen - pc freeze - etc .actually found the fix on Tom's hardware forum - user said the RAM on the card is set to high and causes the crashes so drop RAM to 1150mhz and put gpu up to 900mhz

    - get more performance and mines been rock solid- ram speed makes little difference - just drop speed a tad but upping gpu yealds more gains -

    Been stable for ages now- problem gone - 4 months agro - ATI blaming DX11 issues in Windows 7 - their fix didn't work - al lot of people RMA'd their 5870's but no need -

    give it a go - post reply if works :)
  12. I got a new PSU and it works fine now.
  13. Congrats !
  14. lVlAtlZiX said:
    I got a new PSU and it works fine now.

    Did you get a 1200w one? I'm having a similar issue with 2 Radeon HD5870s and 850w power supply.
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