Bad Motherboard?

Recently my dell xps 15 had a motherboard failure. I purchased a refurbished moherboard on ebay from a seller with excellent feedback. I brought it o a computer shop to have it put in. When they were done they said it would not post. What does that mean and what might be the cause? The model is l502x if thta helps. Thanks in advance.
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  1. When dealing with laptops, especially Dell, it's really best to just send it to them and have them replace the parts.

    In this case, I'd assume that you just got a bad board (doesn't say anything about the E-bay seller, just a bad part). I'd never buy any PC components that are refurbished for this very reason.

    Try to return the board to the Ebay seller as faulty and look for a non-refurbished replacement or just get your money back and put it towards a new laptop that's not a Dell.
  2. Unfotunately its not under warranty so if i dont fix it i just have a big paperweight. I can return the motherboard if that is the problem, do you reccomend I buy a used next time?
  3. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE PART NUMBERS, like on the bottom link "C47NF" and "NXH8C" from Ebay.
    Look at the old board that failed and make sure to find a replacement with the exact same numbers.

    Here are a couple choices:

    Looking at the specs in yours, a replacement with equal specs is at least 1,000.
    I've had the best success with HP and Sony VAIO, never had much luck with Dell.
    I hope that Ebay Seller accepts the return, and you find a working replacement.
  4. The numbers on the inside of the laptop were c47nf which is the type which that we purchased, and unfortunately the computer shop said it .was just a bad board. The seller has a retun policy so I am gonna send it back and try the new one. Keep you buys updated and thanks for the help.
  5. Good luck, hope the next one works out better.
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