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Nvidia 3D Vision on GT 240

Can i play games on a GT 240 DDR3 1GB with 3D effects on ? Can this card handle that much ?
I'm planning to play it without a 120Hz monitor. I'm going to stick with 3D vision for any monitor function in Nvidia 3D setup.
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  1. I wouldn't do it with such a weak card. Even on a 1680 x 1050 (or is it 1600 x 900?) 3D monitor.
  2. my friend play AOE in 3D with an average 35fps
    but this card isn't on the list ??
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    You need a powerful card for 3d.I have a GTX 260 and I can play 3d on all games except metro 2033 which is too demanding so I play it at high.My resolution is 1680X1050 and based on the observations from my 260 I can say that your gtx 240 can never use 3d in any game at 1680X1050.If you want 3d that much you will have to lower your resolution to 1024X768.1680X1050 and up with 3d is all about the high end cards
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