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Freezing Problem

Hello, i have had a problem recently with freezing while starting up any game, yet my computer surfs the web and functions out of games fine. I have put my video card in other computers and it ran fine. I upgraded my ram and my PCU and i still have the same problem. I have a EVGA GTS 450, biostar 880G+, amd phenom 2 quadcore, corsair 500W PCU, and 8gs of Gskill Ripjawx. I have tried to diagnose most of my components but still no success. Now im starting to lean toward my mobo and cpu. Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. Is it with all games, certain games?
    Have you tried to run any temperature tracking software that you can watch as you load a game to see how it affects system temp?
  2. its at the start of most games, and yea my cpu/ videocard temps stay at a good temp.
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    I would arbitrarily ask to move the GTS450 to other PCI-e slot but your board is rather limited. Try the other DVI port? Since this only happens during gaming, I would guess that the graphics card is getting pushed too far or has an issue. Do you know someone who has a similar PCI-e 2.0x16 card you could install and try out?
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