Friends computer won't boot

All this is from what I've read through text so i cannot give you 100% of the details. lots of spelling mistakes ahead as well because I'm on a phone and so is he. he was trying to install my 6870 which i planned onselling however he did not have 2 6 pin cables. nothing weant worng till bf3, he got amazing peformance but comp would crash prob due to lack of power, he then tried to make an 8 pin cablee fit in the gpu. now his comp won't boot. fans starts light go on but no beeps or display. he said he tried both jnetgeated graphics and his old gpu. he also rebooted the cmos. all help is appreciated
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  1. "Forced" an 8-pin in a 6-pin slot?
    These things are keyed for a reason. He's most definitely fried something. Falls under what most companies call "customer induced damage".

    Time for your friend to build a new system... no, time for your friend to have someone else build him a new system.
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