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A buget gaming cabinet supportin 2 usb 3 ports at front

my board is asus p8p67 pro as it has 4 usb 3 ports i want 2 usb 3 ports at front ..i saw about cooler master storm enforcer but it is a bit expensive to me and i use only air cooling and never move to water tell me a case with has 2 usb 3ports at front that costs less and i dont want water cooling option...
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  1. Just choose a case you like and fit a drivebay usb 3.0 plate or similar,
    easiest option imo rather than taking a case you may not be too fond of
  2. Not what i'd consider truly budget, but the Coolermaster Storm Enforcer is $90 and free shipping($80 with rebate)

    The Lian-Li Lancool First Knight only has one 3.0 USB front port, but it's $60 with free shipping.

    Moto suggested a very good solution.
  3. Keep in mind that if you do decide to go for a frontal panel that many like this on newegg do NOT use the motherboard headers! They require you to run the cable through the case and out to the back of the motherboard. Meaning you will have one USB port less at the back and a cable running through your case.

    Motos one uses the headers so that's all good. Just something to look out for when buying!
  4. I just found an example this morning to show the kind of thing I meant :),
    I'd finished my nightshift and posted hehe, as muncher says, avoid the "extender" kind, make sure its a mobo header connector on there, like this twelve dollar gem :P
    although he meant the I/o plate headers, the mobo header is the one you WANT to use, or its wasted
  5. not this type ..i want want the device which connects from the back panel and use it front..this device is for mobo having 2 more usb 3 ports
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    You really would be better using the type I linked as you are wasting the mobo's header if you use the "extender" type,
    but this is the one you seem to prefer,
    look for ones with the usb connectors on, instead of the big mobo header connector,
    its strange that you would rather do it that way but its your pc man :)
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  8. thanks man this is what i was looking for..
  9. Np, and thank you for B.A.
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