Smartdoctor cant find video card gtx460

hi i put my pc together the other day with a asus motherboard i think its the t4a/usb3 mobo and a asus gtx460 top 768 i dont know why but both driver cds for mobo and gfx card wouldnt load so i looked up all the drivers online installed them just fine but when i tried to install smartdoctor for the 460 and i restart my pc it say smartdoctor cannot find asus card any suggestions?
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  1. i think it is better for you to use MSI After Burner instead of Asus smart doctor. MSI After Burner are much more user friendly and easy to use IMO. i myself use MSI after burner for my Asus GTX460 DirectCu TOP to monitor the temp and set the fan profile.
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