Best Place to purchase a prebuilt gaming PC?

Hey guys, total noob here (to both the site and PC gaming) and while i would love to build my own rig im about 100% sure that my lack of know how and general PC knowledge would lead me to more problems than the savings would be worth. Ive always been a dedicated gamer but never ventured much into PC gaming but i think im ready to jump in.

Looking for something in the $700 to $900 range to hopefully run some of the newer MMO's (Rift, Guild Wars 2) and maybe some FPS and other titles, dont need a monitor, keyboard, or mouse.

any help, suggestions or general pointing in the right direction would be greatly appreciated :)
thanks. JB
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    You could try
  2. thanks, that place looks to give you more bang for your buck than ibuypower or tiger direct, still teetering on either buying a prebuilt or getting the components and having a friend or local shop toss em together for me
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