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hi i have a studio xps 435mt i7-920 with silent pro m600 watt psu, i want to upgrade my GPU with price range in $200-$270 so i narrowed down a few :
gtx 470
hd 6870
gtx 560 ti
hd 6950
i don't plan to dual GPU soon because my motherboard only have 1 pci 2.0x16, i will run game in 1920x1080 23" monitor and i think my case can fit any of them just fine. Which one should i buy and why. Thanks for reply.
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  1. Go with the GTX 560 or HD 6950.

    For the GTX 560 go with

    For the HD 6950 go with

    XFX lifetime warranty thing is more of a marketing tool than it is actually helpful since a 3 year warranty is enough for video cards.
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