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Card suggestions

Hey graphical masters could you please rec me a card, its needed for some mild gaming and video blu-ray playing.

Need something that runs off no more than 1 pci-e cable if possible.

Whats the best card that will handle HD playback without overkill?

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  1. GT 430. 3D playback for $50!

    If you plan on doing any gaming spend at least $100 (GTS 450; 3D and decent performance).
  2. I was thinking GTS450, what would the ATI equivalent be and would it have any advantage over Nvidia?

  3. Radeon 5750/GTS450. Although some may say the 5770 is the 450's competition.

    The 4670 from AMD would be fine under what you want without requiring any 6pin connectors & being capable of playing games on low to medium settings.
  4. Right, currently the HD5770 1gb and the GTS450 1gb are around the same price in the UK, £95-£100.

    The GTX460 768mb is around £15-£20 more, is it worth it and will the extra mem make any difference?

    Only problem with the 460 is the extra power consumption.

    Votes please on which one you would choose and why?

  5. The 450, since it features physx where the 5770 can't. It won't do good with Physx enabled, but the extra set of features present does make it the better deal.

    If you want to try 3 monitors then the 5770 is a better deal, but you won't be gaming on high settings (Medium may work fine on most games) with 3 monitors.
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    The GTS if you're hooking it up to TVs since nvidia 3D is far superior to AMD's.

    The GTX 460 consumes 42W more (at maximum load) than the HD 5770. 42W is almost negligible. It would require a PCIe adapter but if you have the wattage for it it smacks the *** out of the 5770 and GTS 450. Nobody's playing with PhysX on with the GTS 450....
  7. Do any of the cards have full size hdmi ports or are they all mini to full?

    One other Q if you had the card hooked up to say a 37" LCD would you just need the HDMI cable connected for everyday use and gaming or is there any advantage to using the TV's PC/DVI port?

  8. Both cables work, and they should perform normally. HDMI has better visual quality overall though.
  9. They have miniports and will have an adapter.

    HDMI does not have better visual quality than DVI; they are the same except that HDMI also carries sound. You would be better off using getting a quality sound card to hook up to your receiver for your home theatre.
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