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I have a server that has a Tyan S2891G2NR motherboard - as soon as I press the power button, there is a constant alarm sound. Everything looks ok in BIOS, temps look ok, machine still boots....RAID looks ok...but has this annoying continuous beep as soon as you press the power button. I've looked through the manual and see nothing about this. Any ideas as to how to track down what is causing this?
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  1. Not 100% without looking at it directly, but the first 2 things that come to mind are CMOS battery being dead or a bad memory module. (Because this board supports chipkill, you could have a bad module yet the system will boot still).

    You don't see POST messages? Have you looked in the BIOS for POST messages stored? These could help point you somewhere.

    If you're running out of options, could reset CMOS and see if it helps. Or at least helps show an error message.

    Going further, I'd start pulling hardware one at a time until the beeping stops (PCI cards, storage, reduce RAM, and CPUs if there's more than 1 installed).

    Oh, just thought of something; a bad/tired backup battery on a RAID card could do this too.

    Does the beeping ever stop? And is it constant beeeeeeeep or beep, beep, beep... ?
  2. turns out, I wasn't observant enough - turns out there are 3 power supplies...when 1 isn't plugged in....alarm, doh!
  3. haha - the best and easiest of problems. Glad you found it quickly (now go tell off the janitor who unplugged it to vacuum. :) )
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