Am3 Heatsink question,help

Today i cleaned my cpu,i have QuadCore AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition 955,so, is not my first time cleaning a cpu,but i never seen this kind a heatsink
So,i cleaned everything really good,then it was time to put the parts how they were,here i found something exactly in the middle under the fan witch i dont know how it was,bcs when i took the fan off the heatsink i think it moved from its original location

It looked like that,under the fan on the heatsink,on the retention frame i think u say

I put it back how i could,but i wonder if i put it well bcs i dont want it to cause and vibration or something there
If somebody encountered this, please help and sorry for my english
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  1. Are you talking about the AMD sticker? I doubt the sticker will cause any issues, but if you want, just peel it off.
  2. No man ,under the fan,i took the fan off to clean it and when i took it off i saw that little part but it was moved from its original location and now i dont know if i put it well
  3. I think its vibrating bcs even when i just navigate on internet without having anny game running there is a noise,a constant noise
  4. Can you get a pic of the part you're talking about?
  5. I took the fan off again and i experimented with that small part and now it fits perfectly,and the noise is like before so its all good.
    Thanks annyway,nice comunity here
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