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HDD Capacity limit

please help..

emachines d725 noteook
pentium(r) t4300 2.10 Ghz
4GB DDR2 ram
64bit windows 7 ultimate
phoenix HM40 mobo
currently with 320GB HDD
im planning to upgrade my hard disk drive..
what will my mobo/cpu HDD capacity limit to prevent bottleneck? thanks in advance guys..
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  1. Bottleneck??? Huh?

    A 1tb drive should be just fine for you.
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    It really all depends on how many files you have now... and what kind of things you do with your computer.

    If you do a lot of HD recording and rendering and download a lot of movies/games/etc... you would need a bigger HD.

    But just for general use, 500GB or 1TB is more or less the standard now.

    As a note, your HD won't bottleneck your computer... unless your available space is become very low. Then you will find the computer is running very sluggish. But having a 320GB or a 1TB hd, won't exactly bottleneck your computer.

    Also if you are upgrading your HDD and it is your only drive, make sure to get a 7200RPM one. Either a WD Black, Seagate Barracude 7200.12, Samsung Spinpoint.. etc.
  3. ah..ok sir..thanks for the replies..i really appreciate your having a very high capacity HDD like 1Tb would be fine on my specs above?...i have this in mind that HDD capacity would vary in mobo/ 1Tb would be 100% compatible with my specs..thanks a lot.. :bounce:
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