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CPU overclocking question.

How do I overclock a sandy bridge i3 2100 3.1 gigahertz without it exploding with stock cooler..

Here are my specs

Corsair XMS3 4G PC10666 DDR3 1333MHZ 4096

Intel I3-2100 3.1GHZ LGA1155


ATI Radeon HD 4650 OC to 700mhz

400watt Power Supply.

I do have a MSI Control Panel that allows me to adjust the ratio, my current ratio is x3.1....please help.
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    You have a non K series Sandy Bridge (SB) CPU. No OCing for you. You can try raising the BLK, but you won't get very far.
  2. Damnit Tiger Direct you have failed me once again.
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  4. maximum may just get 3.5 ghz with raise BCLK and loosen timming RAM or / drop divider
  5. It's not a ram issue Heny. Because all the buses are now on the CPU, they are tied to that BLK. If you raise it from 100 to 110, your PCIe bus will be at 110 as well. (PCI bus should be at 37) Devices that are expecting 100/33MHz won't work under these conditions. And the more you raise it, the worse things will be.
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