Cpu temp weird after OC?

Ok so i got a new cooler on my 1090t amd 6 core. Lately i was overclocking it and i tryed to hit 1.5v on cpu worked perfect then tryed tp bump up to 4.4 and i got phyical memory dump. Ever since then my cpu temp is reading freezeing point (32F). Also when i tryed to get it back up to 4.2 which seemed stable, it wont even OC anymore in amd Overdrive... Help me please! I know i can probably manually OC it in the bios but i want to know what i did wrong and how i can fix it.
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    fix it with go bios set default and your PC will clear :D

    whether OC 4.4 has passed the test the stability of P95 for 8 hours? or just boot windows successfully run a small program ...?
    Vsore 4.4Ghz with 1.5v for the 1090BE is very good and most importantly keep the temperature not to exceed 60C when the stability test. and keep the NB in 2000, disabled Cool n Quite, Disabled C1E. to RAM does not need to be setup once only raise a maximum of 1.65V VDIM.
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