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Hi,im trying to view my hd cable box on my computer monitor,the cable box has an hdmi output and my monitor has an hdmi input.When I connect the cable box to the monitor via hdmi I get a message saying the native resolution for the monitor is 1920x1080.The cable boxes max output is 1080i,is there any way I can change the native resolution on the monitor or is there any solution to make this work?
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  1. Is your monitor a 1080p monitor? If so, the refresh rate is most likely 60Hz, while 1080i is at 30Hz. Perhaps your monitor does not like the 30Hz refresh rate while it's running at 60Hz?
  2. Yeah its 1080p and the refresh rate is 60Hz. I checked out the menu for the monitor and I can't seem to find anything to change,seems like it does it all automatically. Is there a way to change a refresh rate or are the monitor and the cable box just not compatible with eachother?
  3. In Windows, if you go to:

    Control Panel->Appearance and Personalization->Display->Screen Resolution

    you'll find an "Advanced Settings" link

    In there you will have a drop-down list of frequencies for your monitor. You could try 30Hz and see if it will then accept the 1080i HDMI signal. Not sure it will work. If it doesn't then I'm out of ideas.
  4. Ok I checked out my graphics card settings and 1080i 30Hz is an option so I'm assuming the monitor is able to do this resolution from other sources. I went out and got an HDMI - DVI cable but still no luck I keep getting the same (Not Optimum Mode,Recommended Mode 1920x1080 60Hz).
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