Installed Radeon 5670, system won't boot

Dell XPS 400 Windows XP SP3 32-bit Media Center Edition
MOBO - 0YC523
CPU - Intel Pent. D 2.8Ghz dual core
Ram - DDR2 3G
GPU - Nv. GeF. 8400
PSU - Corsair 450w w. 33A on the 12v rail

I turned off the comp, took out the 8400, put in the 5670. the System booted up but gave me 4-5 vertical fuzzy lines over the normal windows background. The system detected the new hardware, searched for and installed the drivers. When I clicked yes to restart, it shutdown and that was it. When I hit the power button, the fans start up, the lights come on, but I have no video output.

I have searched the forums and have not found much useful yet.

I can reinstall the 8400 and everything is fine. Do I have a 5670 brick?
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  1. Install the 8400, remove all its drivers, clean the registry. Then install ht 5670.
  2. I re-installed the 8400, Device manager, uninstalled drivers, restarted w. 8400 still in it, and had huge desktop icons. Went to ATI site, installed drivers, but they detected a diff. device. Shutdown, put in the 5670, and got nothing. I can't get to safe mode b/c it won't even boot.
    The one thing I didn't do was clean the registry. Should I do that after I uninstall drivers and before the restart? As in clean sweep, registry clean, ati drivers, shutdown, swap cards, try to start?
    My apologies for my ignorance but I've always had Nvidia cards, so this problem is a first for me.

    Thanks for the help. Gunnersfan
  3. Right, did what u just said. uninstalled 8400, shut down, swapped cards, no boot. Did not install ati drivers.
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    I'm going to assume your HD5670 is PCI-E 2.1. These cards often have issues with PCI-E 1.0/1.1 motherboards. Return it for a 2.0 model.
  5. Dang. Okay, thx for the help. Guess I'll return. Is the 2.0 model better/worse/same as 2.1? Guess I'm not really sure what the difference is.
  6. I really appreciate ya'lls help. This has been a learning experience, even if it has been a tad frustrating.
    Thanks, Gunnersfan
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  8. Might I suggest just getting something like this instead?
    It is notably faster than the HD5670(15-20%) and probably significantly cheaper as well. It's not DX11 but when buying a card on a budget price vs performance should be your main concern.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. If I plan on going to WIN 7 shortly, should I still try to get something w. DX 11? If not, I'll pursue this other card.
  10. DX11 is nice bonus but not something to use as a basis for choosing a video card. Cards of this caliber don't really have the horsepower to handle a lot of the DX11 features anyway. If you are in the US that HD4830 is definitely a much better deal as long as your power supply can handle it and yours shouldn't have a problem.
  11. Awesome, thx a bunch for all the help and information.
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