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Best video card for my pocket

well this is the thing, i live in mexico and here is hard to get video cards at a good price but any way i will have to expend my budget...

this are the cards i can pay(all of them are around 250 usd in mexico)

01G-P3-1366-TR Evga gtx 460 1gb

PowerColor AX5850 ati 5850 1 gb

100282SR shapphire ati 5850 1gb

zotack GTX 460 AMP

all of this cards cost the same here in mx...

from all of those which one will give me the best performance( i was thinking about 5850, what do you think)....

i play in a 1366 x 768 (tv 32 " 720p)
i have a core i5 750

i wish you could help me with the best choice
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  1. Of those, the Sapphire 5850 is the best. It will be the better card and better brand.
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    I'd go for the Zotac GTX 460 AMP! They are overclocked quite a bit and have some good cooling. The GTX 460 will be better than the 5850 overall, but particularly in DirectX 11 games and it has PhysX.
  3. +1 5850, its ~15% more powerful than a 460 1gb. And out of those two, I'd go for the sapphire.
    Though the 460 overclocks perhaps a little better than the 5850 does, but I am pretty sure a 5850 overclocked still beats a 460 overclocked.
  4. Apparently the Zotac AMP comes with either a 5 year or lifetime warranty, as well.
  5. is so hard to decide because as you said physx is a good deal with ndvidia, but i am also deciding for ati because my mobo (ecs p55h-a) could have crossfire so... ha!!! i hard to decide, right now i play starcraft 2 and battlefield...and my current card is an ati 4850 512 mb
  6. Your resolution is extremely low by today's standards. For 1366 x 768 you should save some money and get the 768mb version of the GTX 460. Or an HD5770. Both are overkill to be honest but a reasonable amount. Above that you are just wasting money basically unless a monitor upgrade is in your future.
  7. Correct Jyjjy, unless he wants to max Crysis, etc. A 5770 won't cut it then. My vote is the cheaper of the AMP GTX460 or the 5850. You'll never notice 3% points.

    Is the PSU a concern? You have the power to run either?
  8. the psu is a concern i will need to buy one, before getting married i need to buy a 1080 monitor jejej... preparing for marriage... why do you expend that much on some computer stuff..bla..bla jaja i want to avoid that...
  9. Make sure you buy it before you get married. That way for the rest of the marriage you can remind her that you've done this before you were even married;)
  10. i got a price drop from the sapphire seller, i guest i will go with it
  11. The 5850 is a great card. I'm thinking about upgrading to it now that its around the $150 mark here in the states. Thats a heck of a price for something that was $300 not to long ago. I haven't done it because my 5750 is fine for playing TF2 and L4D2 at 1680x1050, and I need a new CPU over a GPU. I'm still on my E6600, a dual core chip. (OCers will scream when they hear this. I have an X38 board, the E6600, and the Hyper 212+, and the CPU is at STOCK!)
  12. this guy is telling me that he doesnt have the molex to 6 pin conectors, this cards uses two of those 6 pin molex right?

    so if i buy a psu with two 6 pin pci express molex ill be able to conect the card right?
  13. Yes, you need two 6-pin PCI-express power connectors. You can get a power supply that has two of them. Just check the product details. They do sell adapters separately if you PSU does not have the right power connectors.
  14. Your video card will probably come with 4 pin to 6 pin adapters.
  15. I'd check the details of the product to be sure. It's very frustrating to get a new card, and then not be able to use it until you get the correct adapters. I had that issue with my 6970 not coming with an 8 pin adapter.
  16. well after all... i bought a zotac gtx 460, i will be testing it.. i guess now i will be able to play starcarft 2 on ultra :)
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