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I have an asus p5g41 and i cant install my mouse in windows xp because the mouse is not installed! Thats right xp launches a wizard wich i cannot use with keyboard or mouse because they are not installed because i cant use the wizard because the keyboard an mouse are not installed! Its a vicous cycle. I dont have an old s-video connector mouse so thats out of the question. And does the dvd that comes with the mobo install the usb stuff? If i could somehow launch it with cmd that would work i think but then again how can i do that without a keyboard? Bios recognizes both kb and mouse. I cAnt boot to install dvd i already tried.
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  1. try a different mouse. I'v run 2 mice at a time. also you should be able to navigate using the arrows and click with the enter button. You may have to enable it in the bios or in mouse options.
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