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Hi everyone.
I am looking to buy a new graphics card for my pc. I have been doing a lot of research but got to a point where I am just confusing myself. Could you guys review the info that I have gathered and let me know if it is accurate or if I am missing anything? Could you also make any recommendations for a graphics card based on this info? Thank you in advance for your help.

I am learning as I go here so I am sorry if I jump around a little.

-AGP is better than PCI right? PCI-E is the best.
-Buying a newer video card may require a new PSU if it demands more power than my current PSU can supply.
-A better video card may cause "bottlenecking" if my processor is too weak?
-Nvidia made the best AGP cards?

Here are my pc's specs according to CPU-Z:

Processor - Intel Celeron 340 (Prescott) Socket 478 mPGA 2.93 GHz (Intel Celeron "D" logo)
Mobo - Model P4M26A-8235 (U6886-D)
-3 PCI slots
-1 AGP slot, version 2.0, max supported transfer rate 4x
-2 DDR RAM slots ,(2Gb max according to manufacturer)
Graphics card - Radeon 7500 series 32 Mb (PCI card)
RAM - 2Gb DDR PC3200 (200MHz)
Hard drive - 160 Gb, 5400 rpm
PSU - ISO 350 (250W)
Monitor - 22" LED flat screen, 1080p, manufacturers' recommended resolution 1920X1080

One funny thing is that CPU-Z shows different info for 2 things:
CPU-Z says the video card is 32Mb but the box said 64Mb(not worried about old card, but wondering if I'll have the same problem with a new card)
CPU-Z says the max transfer rate for the AGP slot is 4x but the manufacturer of the mobo says 8x

I know that I would be better off building a new pc and I will be later on in the fall. But this is a different project. I can afford to spend around $100 on this. Maybe more if the performance increase is worth it. I just don't know which card would be ideal. I know it may be silly to buy a card that I cannot take full advantage of but I want the best possible card that will work with the other components. There are so many cards out there and it's hard for me to confirm their compatibility. Let me know what you think. I appreciate your advice and opinions. Thank you.
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  1. wondering why it has a pci card if there was an agp slot...

    you might want to pull the cover and confirm the existance of the agp slot before going farther.

    what is wrong with the one you have?
    that computer is so slow you cant play modern games..
    and thats about all a video card would speed up.

    that being said
    about the best video card you could get is...


    probably ridiculous to spend that much though its old tech but at least it has ddr3 memory etc.

    I'd probably do nothing.. and just build the new computer.
    hell the newest integrated stuff is almost that good.

    it would also require a power supply upgrade.

    the only ones that wouldnt.. arent much better than what you have..

    maybe something like

    but that still might require a new power supply depending on your current card draw.. and how old and crappy your current one is.

    so to summarize.. dont do anything if you really want to waste money.. go start your grill with some twenties.
  2. Hi rand. Thx for the fast reply. The pci card was given to me. I threw it in hoping it would be better than the onboard graphics. There is an AGP slot there. I am not looking to play modern games. Just some old ones that have been lying around for years because they wouldn't run with my current card. Games like Never Winter Nights 1 and 2, Fable and a few more older ones. I am always a few years behind. I don't think I have ever bought a game when it was less than 1-2 years old. LOL.

    "go start your grill with some twenties" LMAO I see what you mean. I just can't do the new build yet so I figured if I could do this for around a hundred at least I would be able to play these old games for a few months. I have enough old games to last me the summer.

    Would you be able to recommend a PSU for that video card?

    Thanks again for your help!
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