Final Build Under $900

Ok guys im thinking about buying new computer and heres what i got so far. My main use is to browse internet watch movies and play counter strike source and GTA4.

Approximate Purchase Date: As Soon as i sell my Macbook Pro

Budget Range: (e.g.: 600-800) Before / After Rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important:Movies, Internet, and games(Counter Strike Source and GTA4)

Parts Not Required:Mouse Speakers OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: (e.g.:

Country of Origin:America!

Parts Preferences: I prefer Mobo to be by Asus

Overclocking: Yes Mostlikly

SLI or Crossfire: Yes down the ride

Monitor Resolution:1920x1200

Additional Comments: This is prob the final build just getting more input


Ok so ive been trying to minimize this cost of computer while keeping it still up there and heres what im down too on paper.

Case-Coolermaster 932 Full Tower -154.82 shipped

Mobo-Asus P8P67 -144.99 Shipped

Video Card-Sapphire Radeon HD 5850-139.99 Shipped

Ram-GSkill RipJaws X Series 4GB -49.99 shipped

PSU-Xfx P1-650x-CAH9 650W-88.99 Shipped

Cpu-Core I5 2500k -224.99 Shipped

Harddrive- Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB-54.99 Shipped

Dvd Burner-Lite On IHAS224-06- 25.98 shipped


Please let me know what the thoughts are i took everyones recommendations and hopefully put it to use in this. Let me know if anything conflicts and if you need the links just ask and ill post just takes forever lol.

Only thing im scared about is 1 the PSU i heard people in reviews said it was loud(fan), it would make a clicking noise. 2 The video Card a reviewer said it was only 128 bit which scared me but hes probably wrong.

Whats a good budget gaming keyboard because im not looking to spend too much on keyboard but i need one for it.

Thanks guys
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  1. you can trim around $100 off that case and get a GTX 560 or HD6950 1 GB instead.

    Rosewill Challenger or Destroyer
    HEC Blitz
    Antec 300
  2. i know i can save money on case but i plan for this case to last me for future builds so i dont really want to cheap out also the HD6950 is too much money
  3. You stated you wanted to sli/cf yet the mobo you have cannot. And I dont think it will fit your budget, unless you can get i5+asus pro from microcenter. The haf 912 or 922 will last you just as long for future builds. If you only got the 932 for usb 3, you can just get a usb 3 header for much cheaper and some mobos come with them. I'd really not advise to spend more on a case than a gpu.
  4. Good cool on Mobo well then back to my backup

    Also i was looking at the Haf 922 im scared it wont fit the video card because ive had that problem before i was looking at full to avoid that.

    And whats a good keyboard for under like 50$ i was thinking Razer Arctosa
  5. Even a smaller antec 300 can fit an 11" 6950.

  6. so for 100 u think the 922 is the best bet? i really like cooler master looks like they have quality cases
  7. The 5850 you chose is 8.5" and will easily fit even a 912. But dropping down the case could let a 6950 in the budget. You would also want a cpu cooler if you wan to OC, I'd suggest a CM hyper 212+.
  8. everyone recommends that cooler is it better then the V8 cooler? i had that before on my old rig and it was nice. And if i drop down to 912 and get 6950 is that same length?
  9. At the price nothing beats the 212. I tried to get a build together but to have cf is at $940 with a 1gb 6950. At $890 is no cf but a 2gb 6950 that can unlock to a 6970. Both builds include a 912 though.
  10. which 6950 would you recommend for me seems like u know your stuff lol. I know theres different brands and *** out there.
  11. I usually recommend this one as it can unlock to a 6970. It's 10.6" long and will fit in a 912
  12. but thats 276! lol thats very expensive did i mention the only games i have is CODMW2 GTA4 CSS TF2 Rainbow 6 vegas 2. All those games are old lol and dont require much i think. I dont know you tell me do you think thats over kill for me?
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  14. damn your doing mad work i appreciate this that looks like a good computer only thing throwing me off is the mobo and power supply but i wont need to SLI this video as its a BEAST so i guess Mobo is MSI a good company?
  15. Msi is a good company as well as antec for the psu.

    I wouldn't say its mad work, I have a script to link, list and total my newegg shopping cart, that someone on this forum made.
  16. oh haha well still i thank you now last problem...keyboard i have a Logitech G5 mouse and i was thinking Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard- Silver its 40 on amazon with free shipping.
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  18. I am planing a computer just like this. It has a MSI mobo but it it is a good one for what you want. It has two slots for gpu's and I will get another gpu down the road for crossfireX. See "Good Gaming tower" thread for details on my build. What kind of gpu will you use in yours, I will use ATI MSI 6850.
  19. The msi g43 in your build is not recommended to cf/sli as the second card will cover your sata slots, and you can see the problem in that. As well as it would go over his budget to get a more powerful psu.
  20. k1114 said:
    The msi g43 in your build is not recommended to cf/sli as the second card will cover your sata slots, and you can see the problem in that. As well as it would go over his budget to get a more powerful psu.

    Well, what motherboard has two GPU slots and costs less than $150? What are sata slots for anyway?
  21. Sata is for your hdds, I think you can buy 90 degree sata connectors for it to work otherwise there's the Asrock Extreme4. But it's $160.
  22. Where did you find the dimension size of the Sapphire graphic card at? I can't find the dimension size for Sapphire graphic cards. I don't see the size listed on NewEgg and its also not listed on Sapphire's site.

    Sata cables are also for Optical (CD/DVD) drives right? SATA 2 are the cables for Optical Drives and HDDs that aren't SSD right?
  23. anything on keyboards? lol
  24. Sata are for cd/dvd drives and ssd too, guess I should've mentioned that. I found the dimensions in the comments off tigerdirect from googling.

    Sorry wildgene, can't suggest keyboards or mice, I always "test" them out in stores and buy them online for cheap but I don't pay attention to them.
  25. ight np lol ty tho
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