My computer won't read my GeForce GT220

Hi, I've been lurking around Tom's Hardware for a long time, and until now, I could find answers without posting them. Yet, I bumped into a problem today that I couldn't solve with the help of the handy dandy internet forums. Anyways, today I got a GeForce GT 220 (EVGA) and I easily put it into the PCI-E slot. Thinking I was done, I turned it on and put the cd in for the installation. After using the cd to download the driver, I looked at my system settings and saw that it was still my old default video card GeForce 7100 in it. When I tried to reinstall the driver as one topic told me so, the nvidia site told me that my computer needed a 7100 driver instead of the GT driver. Why does the GT video card not pop out? I have tried using BIOS to have the main slot at PCI-E, but it still doesn't work. I also have the VGA cord in the video card, but it still did not help. I don't know how to switch the 7100 to use the 220. Help! (If I use CPUID to see the video cards it only shows the 7100) Thanks!
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  1. the 7100 is on board or in pcie card
  2. try to disable 7100 if it is on board graphic card.
    Make sure you did plug power cable into your graphic card if it is exist, otherwise computer will use on board.
    Make sure you plug VGA or DVI cable into right card.
  3. The GT220 does not need an extra PCIe power plug, so that is not your problem.

    Try it in another computer to make sure it works (should - eVGA generally has excellent quality control).

    Most motherboards will automatically deactivate the on board GPU when they detect the presence of a plug in video card, so there is usually no need to change any BIOS video settings.
  4. Before replacing your video card with another, you needed to uninstall your current drivers and then shutdown your system.
    Replace your card and install your new drivers.
  5. My computer automatically installs my video card after I restart the computer. The cd with the driver tells me to boot the computer before installing. Help!
  6. do you get your display after plugging into the gf card...
    if it does then u have to uninstall the old drivers and do a fresh install of the new card....
  7. My display comes out anytime. If I plug the DVI into the video card, the monitor won't boot.
  8. I did some more experminets and noticed that my video card does not show up on device manager. How can I make it show up?
  9. the 220 could be defective find another computer to test her
  10. scout_03 said:
    the 220 could be defective find another computer to test her
    I think ima take it to the shop and test it there, I have not found anything online for two days. Any help before?
  11. if u dont get display when plugged into the gf card and it doesnt show up in the task manager then it is a damaged piece.... i too had a 9400gt and it had exactly the same problem as yours...
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