Performance difference between 8gb or 16ram

I am building a gaming rig and would like to know if there would be any difference in performance in games with 16gb of ram

I have also heard that 8gb ram with greater clock speed then 1600mhz is better then 16GB of 1600mhz ram. Is that true?
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  1. if gaming is going to be your must intensive thing to do on the rig 8 should be find? the only real use of 16gb is in video or photo editing, sometimes very massive multi tasking.

    and if you get 2*4gb sticks you can always add an other kit if you need it.
  2. to be honest everything after 4gb gets LESS AND LESS worth while.

    i would agree with the 2x4gb suggestion tho.
  3. Yeah I can see that to be true. If you have more address spaces to access (16GB vs. 8GB), then your latencies are going to be a little higher because you have to search through all that space to read and write the data. One thing that could probably help you is to make sure you buy a kit that would populate all of the memory slots. That way you could take advantage of dual, triple, or quad channel memory accesses (whatever your motherboard supports).
  4. Faster RAM is faster, but u will not see the difference in the real life.

    16GB will give u few FPS extra, that's all. But the RAM is so cheap.

    Games don't take advantage of more than 8GB, and that is not used up in most of the time.
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