System Starts Automatically When Ups Is Turned On

Hi guys ,

Recently i replaced my Intel mobo ( DH67CL) b'coz of some issues. Now when i start my ups the system starts automatically. I didn't happen with the old mobo. I don't know what causing it. I didn't change anything in the bios. The only thing i changed in the system is that i replaced the mobo with a new one ( Same model ). Does anybody have any idea??. This problem only started after i changed the motherboard. I don't want it to start automatically .

the current power settings in my bios are below

Intel Dynamic Power Technology
Enhanced Intel speedstep technology - Enable
Processor C states - Enable

System Power options
After Power Failure - Stay off
Wake on Lan From S4/S5 - Power on-Normal boot
Deep S4/S5 - Disable
S3 state indicator - blink
wake system from S5 - Disable
PCIe ASPM support - Disable
Flash Update sleep Delay - Disable

These are the default settings. I didn't change anything. I have no idea whether the power pins are short. It was working perfectly with the old mobo .
pls help guys.
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  1. Well that is tricky because "After Power Failure - Stay off " should prevent that.... I am stumped by this one.
  2. Hello Davyjonez,

    I have same chipset with Intel i5 2400 proc.
    Have same issue and now it is even worse. Computer restarts in windows on its own.
    I have reinstalled windows to make sure its not windows issue.

    I believe its motherboard issue.

    What did you do to fix it??

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