No Picture after CPU Upgrade.

I just swapped my Pentium D to a Intel CORE2DUO 4300 1.8GHz, I'm using a ConRoe1333-D667 R1.0 mobo with 2GB RAM, Windows 7 etc etc.

I switch my PC on and the fans/hard drives spin but there is no video/picture with ANY CPU.

I have made sure my GFX card is in place and also tried using the on board graphics but still no luck.

Any ideas?
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  1. So it was working before you did the sawp but now it wont POST with the old or new CPU?

    Its possible that the mobo got damaged. Have you tried clearing the CMOS?
  2. Nope, how would I do that?
  3. Oh, sorry, I have yes.
  4. Try testing the ram in a different PC. Also, if you have 2 sticks, try using only one and see what happens.

    If you cleared the CMOS by shorting the pins near the battery, you might want to try and take out the battery for 2 minutes. This was all it took me when my PC had the same issue.

    Good luck
  5. ive tried the RAM and took out the battery, I'm not hearing any initialising beeps, i think i've blown my mobo :(
  6. swap the cpu back and see if it works. if it does check with the motherboard manufacturer and see if you need a bios upgrade to use your new cpu.
  7. Don't mean to be rude but please read the post. Ive tried both cpus
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