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Prime95 Blend freezes my computer.

Hard reboot required. I'm hoping this has something to do with my stability issues.
Is this indicating a memory failure? A CPU failure? How can I be more certain?
Memtest always runs fine if that helps. OCCT stress tests on the PSU, CPU and GPU do, too.

Thanks for reading, please help if you can. I am very inexperienced so even seemingly obvious info could help.
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  1. Any or all of the above, but first you need to list the following in detail:
    1. CPU
    2. MOBO (rev and BIOS version)
    3. RAM kit(s) ; provide links
    4. Any OC? ; if so specific settings
    5. Changes to BIOS above 'Load Optimized Defaults'
    6. SSD ; firmware version
    7. HSF ; what were the temps
    8. OS ; assuming Win 7 then any Critical Errors listed in the Event Manager (except 41/63)?

    Try the Clear CMOS (see, unplug PSU for 5 minutes before doing procedure) -> and then in the BIOS 'Load Optimized Defaults' then Save & Exit = Yes
  2. CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 (645)
    Mainboard: MSI 870-G45
    RAM: 4x2 GB DDR3
    GPU: AMD Radeon HD 6900
    HDD: Seagate 2 TB
    PSU: Corsair GS700W

    I haven't changed BIOS/CMOS ever, so no need to restore factory defaults.
    I am not overclocking.
    HWMonitor shows temps at normal (between 22 C and 37 C) even under load like gaming or multitasking.
    Windows 7 64 bit, each crash gave me a warning in event manager:
    Driver \driver\ATITool failed to load ATITool\Device\0000.

    Until I went into device manager, uninstalled ATITool. Now freezing continues but this warning doesn't show up.
  3. BIOS, I wouldn't recommend using any version before v 10.6; 10.5 is required for your CPU. I'm more interested 'why' the ATI OC'ing tool failed than the fact it did.

    Q - which HD 6900?
    Q - using any beta drivers?
    Q - how long into testing before the PC fails?
    Q - have you made any BIOS mods to the GPU?

    Again, I would Clear CMOS (unless you have an array). It has nothing to do with your changes the CMOS can get corrupt and is part of the 'debugging' process.

    Next, try either an earlier or the latest, if not used, WHQL (no betas!) AMD driver.
  4. 6950 I think. CPU-z just gives the series and I just can't remember all these numbers but it's either that or 6970 cause my manual is for both of those models.

    No beta drivers, just the most recent driver on AMD's website. Before that, the driver on the install CD. Before that, Nvidia drivers for my old GeForce. In all cases this problem was present (though when I had Nvidia card I didn't check Event Logs).

    Less than five minutes into the test it freezes up.

    No mods to GPU.

    I'll clear CMOS now...
  5. Under the CPU-z Mainboard tab it lists the BIOS version, I really need to know which version.
  6. Bios version 10.8
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    Good, you can rule-out BIOS CPU support issues.

    Let me know how the Clear CMOS turns-out after testing. Fingers are crossed...
  8. jaquith said:
    Good, you can rule-out BIOS CPU support issues.

    Let me know how the Clear CMOS turns-out after testing. Fingers are crossed...

    After reseating all four RAM units the crashes seemed to be fixed. I restarted CMOS for good measure and the stress testing is going smoothly still.
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