What Driver am I supposed to download for this?

Okay so I can either go with the Radeon 5850 HD card or the GTX 460

The NVIDIA Drivers site is perfect...

But if I were to go with the Radeon 5850 card which I'm leaning towards, I have NO IDEA what driver I'm supposed to download for it.

Which is it here, help please?


On the other hand here's how precise and easy it would be to get the right driver for the gtx 460

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  1. Go to ati.com
    you will see the support/driverdownloads.then just input what card you have and version on windows and it will send you to the site for dl.pretty easy.Although it doesn't have the detatiled info that nvidia has,tell you what performance gain you might see in which game.
  2. Here is the link. Select the correct values for each box and you get the driver (http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx).
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