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Asus Maximus IV p67 (B3)

Hi Guy! im on a big dilemma right now... :cry:

one of my friend is selling me hes unwanted gift, a brand new mobo (MIVE p67 B3)
here's the catch, since he is not a tech savvy and has no idea about market pricing of these boards, i told him can i buy it for 400 dhs? ($107) with the intent of only teasing him, but he said OK! i can get it today on their house after school :o :o

WAHHH! IIRC, thats less than half of its freakin market price! too hard to resist! but im saving my money because i know that the Z77 mobos is just around the corner now and im really eyeing that gene z77...

can these board give me the same overclocking potential as the new z77, let alone the z68 boards?

what should i do??? :cry:
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    Hello and welcome to the forums ! :)
    For $107 I say it's worth it :D Maximus IV is probably the best P67 board available and does a great job in OC'ng.
  2. Gee! thanks for the fast reply, im getting hes board tonight then!

    so, as far as OC'ng is concern, they will both do well :D ^_^
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