How big a difference between DDR3 1066 and DDR3 2133

Thats all i want to know,

is it a noticeable difference?
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  1. Yes. But most boards won't run the 2133 without overclocking the cpu, which voids Intel's warranty. Some boards may not post with the higher speed ram; I stick with 1600 which is often on sale. Fry's has some 1333 in today's ad:
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    As said to a degree, it depends on other factors like your CPU and MOBO - mostly your CPU. Next, it depends on 'what' you want to make 'faster' and specifically what applications. The trade-off even with LGA 2011 is a degree of stability.

    Personally, the only options today with DDR3-2133 are the SB (K), SB-E, and FX CPUs. Even the AMD AM3 6-cores can barely handle >DDR3-2000 with an OC, and the non-K on the P67/Z68 (only certain SB chipsets allow >DDR3-1333) it isn't recommended.

    Further, keep in mind RAM's speed is a factor of both its' Frequency and CAS Timings. IF the CAS Timings are too high then heck a ultra-low kit of DDR3-1600 can be 'faster'. Frequency is the 'transmission', CAS Latency the 'stops', and CPU the 'governor.'

    Here's a good article for SB LGA 1155 and RAM ->
  3. Yes, there will be a noticeable difference -- things will load much faster.
  4. If your playing games about 1 fps. Check out the Toms hardware ram round up.,2482-8.html,3100-9.html

    it seems games are limited by cpu and gpu much more than ram speed.
  5. If you're noticing, operative word 'noticing', "things will load much faster" it's more a factor of 'How Much RAM' than 'How Fast' it is and IF you have 'FREE' RAM listed in the Resource Monitor.
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