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QPI/DRAM core Voltage to 1.40v, is it OK?

I set the memory kit (Patriot Viper 6GB 1600MHz) to XMP in the Bios. It automatically set the QPI/DRAM core Voltage to 1.40v, is it OK?

My config.:

CPU i7 920
CM Hyper 212+
HD 5870
Patriot Viper 6GB 1600MHz
DVD Pionner Dual Layer
Corsair 850W
Aerocool BX500
AOC H428Pw 42" + LG W2353V 23"
W7 64 Bits
HT-C350 Sangung

Thank you!
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    NO!!!! QPI/DRAM Voltage 1.35v max and I prefer 1.30v and then only with 1.65v DIMM RAM and running per Rated i.e. not default DDR3-1066.
  2. I thought so -- I set it to 1.30v -- as for 1.65v DIMM RAM ASUS mobos go in increments of 0.05, so or it is 1.64v or 1.66v -- I left it 1.66v
  3. Use 1.64v.
  4. I made QPI/DRAM core Voltage to 1.25v and DIMM RAM to 1.64v, should it work?
  5. Very Good! :)

    As with any new set of RAM create a bootable CD/DVD of Memtest86+ (ISO/zip file) and run for at least 4-Passes or more ; link -
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  7. Thank you mate!
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